Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tom Cruise Baby News...

No, I'm not coming on here to tell ya TomKat has had their baby. I've heard no news of that actually, however I wouldn't doubt that in the next week if she gives birth. But I've seen numerous reports online that everyone states Tom Cruise is saying that Katie Holmes must give a Silent birth. No one honestly believes that do they?

I saw where a little boy is walking to her baby shower with signs that read, "Silent Birth" and other such things. I'm sure this is very much like a gag between the celebrities and their guests. They know the cameras are on them and I'm sure by now everyone there knows what the general public believes. I think it's quite humorous and I'm glad they can have a sense of humor during this time.

My own father is into gags, when I was pregnant with my second child he asked if I knew what the baby was. I replied, "Nope, not yet." He told me he did, I was confused because if I didn't how could he. He replied, "It's genes." I was confused, "What do you mean dad?" He simply replied, "Your baby is genes, your genes and his genes." When my little girl was born my father never let me forget that, her nickname from him is Green Genes. See she was a girl so she was a "G Green" a boy would've been B Green." As for the color well the only g color is green and b color would've been blue jeans. Every year my parents send my daughter green jeans for his birthday. I'm quite use to gags and I believe that that's what happened at Katie Holmes' party.

Some believe Tom has made these for Katie to prepare for birth, if anything I know these signs would make me only do one thing....laugh out loud. Come on, who believes they can go into full labor without making a sound? Anyone? I didn't think so, not unless you feel no pain and your not drugged or have a c-section. Not sure on the c-section or drugs myself, I've only had natural birth and I can tell ya I wasn't quiet.

Rumors have it the baby is a girl, no a boy. Which is it? Tom was recently questioned when he went to watch his son at a baseball game if they were having a boy or a girl, his response was yes as Katie just simply looked at him to respond. Hmm, could it be twins?

People are stating that she has lost her youthful look and she's looking sick. Has anyone not had morning sickness during their pregnancies? Each one of mine I had the 24 hour sickness for the first 8 months. Yep, 8 months, I was rushed to ER with my 2nd child because I got ghostly white. Some people don't get it as seriously but those of us that do understand that morning sickness is no joke and I hope she starts feeling better soon.

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What's your guess on the sex of the baby? When Katie Holmes give birth?