Thursday, June 29, 2006

Britney Spears Leaves California and goes Back to her Roots

It appears that Britney Spears is tired of being in the watchful eye of every media circus around, so much that she's moving to Louisiana. Back to her roots. Where will she live? Oh she plans on moving back in with mommy, but not like you think. Her plans include remodeling or adding on to her mother's home. She's even going to add an extra guest house for Kevin Federline so when he gets tired of "dear sweet mother-in-law" he has a place to hide.

Will this work? Will it save the marriage or just keep the media a bit further away? I'm guessing the media will back off a tad bit but not by much. I can't say that I blame her for wanting to get away, the public has been very cruel to her with her new mommy mistakes. Maybe now she'll be able to relax and find a bit of peace.

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Star Jones Leaves the View..

EArlier last week you may have heard that Star Jones left "The View," it actually caused a huge frenzy with media and the show. First off, from my guessing she wasn't suppose to mention it the day she did on the show. Why? Hmm, guessing they wanted to soften the blow a bit more. From my understandings Rosie O'Donnell is replacing Jones. Can we say ouch? Everyone knows how these two feel about each other, I guess it's a good thing she left earlier than she was going to. Granted a cat fight might've been neat to watch.

Barbara Walters issued a statement that they had intended to back anything that Star Jones announced, but they weren't prepared for the way she did it. They figured they'd let her leave gracefully after finding a great job and announcing it on the air that way. Never that she'd gotten the boot.

Now just because Star is gone doesn't mean "The View" is over, actually all they've done is cut out Star. Even on their website Star Jones has vanished and it happened within a day of her going off the show. WOW! Talking about removing any and all traces.

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Jennifer Aniston still chats it up with Brad's mom...

I've been posting a lot lately on Angelina Jolie, she just can't seem to stay out of the news. lol. Here is the newest gossip going around. We all know she upset the grandparents when she refused to allow her precious little girl to wear the clothes they bought her. Remember? Well, now it seems that that's not the only thing going on behind the scenes.

Angelina Jolie has found out that Brad Pitt's mother just can't stop talking to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Hey, maybe they already had a close relationship before Angelina jumped on top of Brad. Should the mom cut the cords with Jen? I don't think so but it appears Angelina does.

Apparently Brad's mom let it slip in front of Angelina that she'd talked with Jen. She was actually talking with Brad but Angelina Jolie heard it, she got so mad that Brad probably didn't hear the end of it. Why do I say that? Well, after the comment was slipped Brad later went up to his mom and requested never to talk about talking with Jen in front of Angelina again. haha. So I guess this means mom can still chat with her.

So what's the deal? Is Ang worried Brad might run back to Jen? I think she is. She knows she did wrong when she broke up a marriage, and now worries it'll happen to her. Granted she's not married.

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Tom Cruise and Kidman wedding Never counted?

It appears the Catholic Church didn't count Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage the real thing 10 years ago. At least not to the Catholic church. Remember, you can not get married in a catholic church if you were already married once before. But Kidman did and the whole world saw it. So do you think the Catholic church agreed with a scientology wedding? I think not.

I'm not saying the two never got married, they did, everyone knew they had a wedding. BUT the Catholic church has requirements and they weren't met by the couple 10 years ago, therefore it did not count. So, all Nicole needed was a legal piece of paper stating she was free to marry and that's just what she did.

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Angelina Jolie hurts Grandma Pitt..

Angelina Jolie has done it again, this time she's offended Brad Pitt's parents. Keep in mind this is a woman that is supposibly like Mother Theresa, however when Brad Pitt's parents sent clothes for their grandbaby, Shiloh she absolutely refused to put the clothes on her.

They were too girly for Angelina's taste, even though Brad's parents spent some big bucks on the cute little outfits. Some may say it's up to the mom but I'm sorry there is a point that when someone spends lots of money you should be a bit nice and let them see a few outfits on the little tyke. COME ON!

This is one girl that needs to learn to be a tad bit nicer. I'm sure she can do it if she tries, she expects everyone else to bow down to her. Even though she stops countries from letting in people and steals a husband. Ang, all they wanted to do was buy the baby a few outfits. Would it have killed ya to show a bit of class towards them? You didn't have to get all goo goo ga ga over it.

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Who will die in Harry Potter?

JK Rowlings recently announced that two characters will die in the last Harry Potter book. Who will it be? The minute she announced it many places opened up bidding...yes actual bets are on to see who will die. Now, I'd never put money on it but I do have my own guess. What's yours? Scroll down for mine.

She won't let us know who it is and she has known since before the first one was written, however she does let us know that she will end the book so that no one can revive the Harry Potter books. Hmm, there is only one way I know to do that. Rowling never would comment if it was Harry Potter that would be killed off in fear of hate mail. That only brings up more questions...doesn't it?

My bet:
Harry Potter and Voldemort

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Is Stealing Family moments a Trend?

It seems that two hot celebrity couples have reportedly reported that their "sacred" family moments were stolen. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

I don't understand why someone would go and steal photos. Okay, so I understand because they want to make some money. They've discovered photos that no one will ever see but still. To steal it? Don't they know they'll get caught.

Honestly, I don't think anything was wrong with the pictures that were stolen. I've seen them and honestly I think it makes them look more human. Maybe they don't like their private moments shared with the world. Maybe they like everyone thinking they are these unhuman people with no feelings. But these pictures at least show the real them, without the fake smiles, etc. But that's just my opinion.

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Brad Pitt Identity Stolen

On Thursday a man was arrested for stolen identity. It appears he used Brad Pitt's photo from the internet and tried to use it on a fake ID card. The actual information on the ID wasn't even the salesman's information but some other man.

The story goes this Jordanian man and his brother had worked up a plan to steal $23,000 in cash. How did they know this man was getting the money? One brother worked with the Duabi money exchange (I'm guessing a bank) and got the info that way.

The brother did get caught and when questioned he didn't even know it was Brad Pitt's picture he'd stolen, just that he'd downloaded some man's picture off the net. Ooops, looks like he used the wrong face.

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Matt Damon might be a Trekkie

That's right, rumor has it Matt Damon is in the running to play in Star Trek, actually to be the young Captain Kirk. It had looked very promising until mid week when it was announced the director of the show wondered why Matt never had him in his recent movies. Hmm, does this mean that there may be a bit of revenge played now? I guess we all must sit back and watch how it plays out.

However, I must ask....Will Ben play beside him? There haven't been too many movies where I saw Matt as a character that didn't have Ben in the movie.

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Britney Spears in the Buff?

Okay if you haven't heard yet you are behind in the news, and I'm currently behind in posting the news. Britney Spears is on the cover of the newest Bazaar Magazine, the actual magazine not something that's bazaar. This wasn't the first time we've caught her with her clothes off though. Remember, a few months back I posted a link to her statue in a museum in New York, it was her giving birth.

I actually think, even though she is naked she isn't revealing too much, except maybe her pregnant belly. All those "other" pieces are actually covered up, but you do see her bare skin and dark black hair. There is even a picture of her in a beautiful black gown holding little Sean Preston.

The photos were actually taken only days after her interview with Matt Lauer. Did the show and the criticism drive her to take out the extensions and dye her hair black? I think she was ready for a change, once you become a mom you eventually grow up and I think Britney had hit that point. She wants to change that pop star image and be a mom.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hubby deny Divorce Rumor.

Just Monday it was reported that Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and hubby (Freddie Prinze Jr.) denied any rumors that their marriage was headed for the big "D." However, not so many people believe that, they state that after hubby began the t.v. series "Freddie" things ended at that point. Are things over between the couple? The public believes what they can see, and so far we don't see the couple together as often as we use to.

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Britney Spears and Paris Hilton looking alike?

Maybe Blonde is out and black hair is in. At least that's what you'd think after watching the two hottest paparazzi girls. The paps are all over them, maybe they decided to try to make black hair a trend, or maybe they wanted to sneak away from all the cameras. It could also be that they didn't like how they were being portrayed as blondes and wanted to be taken more seriously. No one knows the real truth behind the change just yet, but I'm sure we'll hear about it soon.

Britney Spears first shocked the world last week with her new hair color, after that Paris did the same. Okay, Paris' hair was actually what looked to be a black wig. This isn't all that Paris Hilton is trying to make a trend with, she recently was seen sporting a half glove, which was also black.

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Aaron Spelling Dies

Last week, Aaron Spelling died at the age of 83. He will always be remembered as a t.v. legend, he brought us 90210, The Love Boat and many more fasinating series. This will be a man that is remembered throughout history.

Aaron will be remembered for his humor as well, especially after being interviewed and him stating that he had to keep on living to pay for his wife, Candy's jewelry. He laughed at this and you could tell how happy he really was. Granted, not all things in his life were rosey, the relationship between him and his daughter were very rocky. However, Tori Spelling and her father did make up the week of his passing.

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Ben Affleck to Play Magnum PI!

It isn't official yet but producers are very eager to get Ben Affleck to play Magnum PI. It is sad that Tom Selleck will not be playing his original part. Wonder can only wonder if it was because he got to old and they wanted a younger version of him. No one knows 100% why Tom wn't be in it, however he was very good at his original role.

Rumors have it that Tom was offered the t.v. series but he wanted to make it a feature and held out. Now they are looking at others instead. This is good news however for the young Ben Affleck, however he has some big shoes to fit into.

I am still trying to picture Ben with that mustach, something just doesn't look right when I try scribbling one on him. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. Of course, he does have that image that almost anyone would love.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Tom's Suri vs. Brad's Shiloh....

A while back, I announced Tom had a little race going on with Brad on who was better than who. It seems like it was a bit more serious from what I thought. There is a reason we haven't seen pictures of the little one. But it isn't what we were all being told. Remember, Tom stating something along the lines of he didn't want anyone thinking he was exploiting his daughter, after slamming Brad for selling pictures of Shiloh.

It seems now there was reason he got so angry. According to Fox News, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes actually had a small little auction with several magazines, including Time, People, Star and USWeekly, there were also smaller magazines involved in the deal. Reports state that the auction got as high as $3 million, after that Tom and Katie pulled out. Hmm, one can only wonder why. Was it because they thought the pictures would be worth more, especially since Jolie-Pitt pictures sold for $4 million? I knew Tom was competitive but come on.

Let me remind you, this was all before little Shiloh was born. So Tom, why have you not let her out of the house since? It's been over a month.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bruce Willis plans to Intimidate daughters' boyfriends

Credits to: Star Pulse and

Bruce Willis has daughters that are about to hit the age where the big "D" comes into view for many fathers. For those That's right, the time many fathers start sharping knives on the front porch, chopping wood or pulling out their guns to show the boyfriends dad means business. However, Bruce is using his image in movies to hopefully intimidate the boyfriends.

He'll just give them that look and explain they better come home the exact way they left. That's one dad, I don't think any boy wants to mess with.


Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

Okay, it wasn't a fight or anything like that but the two had to go up against each other recently. Why?

Actually it had nothing personal to do with the two stars. Appian Way, which is Leonardo DiCaprio's production company vs. Brad Pitts' Plan B company. They went lawyer to lawyer on a bidding war for the rights to the new movie based off of Max Brooks' Zombie book. They spent all day tossing out bids, finally, by morning they had a winner. Brad Pitt's Company won out the rights to World War Z.

Watch for the upcoming movie, "World War Z" in theaters near you. Now to see who will play in the movie.

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Brangelina Baby Shower Pic

I'm sure many of you have seen this picture online and in magazines. But have you seen their baby shower photos?

Someone is floating around pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's baby shower. They are very cute photos of the couple having fun. Yes, they are human. :) They act just like you and I do when they are at a shower. I've only seen two shots of the happy couple at the shower but I hear there are over 400 different ones.

But don't the couple look like they are having fun? Look at the feather boas on both of them. Too funny.

UPDATE: Sorry but it seems that this couples photos were really stolen not leaked by them. Pictures have now been deleted and thief was caught.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are Married!!!

This pictures was borrowed from

That's right the happy couple got married today and don't they look happy. Come on ya'll know Nicole Kidman deserved to be happy. It came out of the blue when Tom Cruise dumped her after 10 years. Of course I suspect it had something to do with a prenup they may have signed, he didn't want her getting any of his money. Kind of what he's doing with Katie Holmes at the moment. However, Kidman did make sure she had a prenup that allowed an escape just in case, it wasn't her idea though it was her lawyers. Keith gladly accepted it though and signed it right away. What a good guy. :) I do hope they have their happily, ever after and I can't wait to hear they are expecting in the next couple of months. Congratulations to the two of you, may you have many more life of celebrations together.

By the way, after the wedding, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban actually released a photo of them holding hands right after their "I dos." And no, they didn't even make anyone pay top dollar for it.

This is the picturesque church that Nicole Kidman and Keith got married in earlier today, I guess it wasn't a night wedding like many had anticipated. This is one big church and for those wondering, it wasn't a scientology wedding, nope it was a catholic wedding. Nicole had been catholic before marrying Tom Cruise so many years ago but had to quietly push it aside for Tom's sake, it was only recently she turned back to her roots.

In guest news, over 200 celebrity guests arrived at this wedding such as Naomi Watts and Russell Crowe. However, it seems each one of the guests had some type of ties in Australia.

So, there ya have it. This Hollywood couple is finally wed and they beat the two big Hollywood couples to the alter. Yes, I know it wasn't intended but hey why not? Who's next in weddings? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Probably not, even if Tom insists. We already know that Brangelina don't have wedding bells planned, they've already stated that, they like living in sin.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Jennifer Aniston to Meet up with Brad Pitt

Wow, I bet ya'll didn't see that one coming. I wonder how this got pulled off. Right after baby Shiloh was born Jennifer attempted to call Brad Pitt, however Angelina Joli intercepted the call. They refused to allow her to speak with Brad Pitt. Hmmm, I wonder why? Is Angelina jealous for some reason?

It seems with new reports that Brad and Jennifer will once again reunite. I wonder how Angelina is taking that? Honestly, I don't see why they shouldn't. There is a lot of mixed feelings and hurt. Plus, they were married so why not. They will no matter what always have feelings for each other, even if words were said. Jennifer was hurt pretty badly, it's about time Brad went to talk with her.

The meeting will take place somewhere in Florida, probably before 4th of July weekend. This will be a great way to start off their new relationship. Get the bad water out from under that bridge.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have recently given birth (this month) to Shiloh. Even though he's adopted her two other children and is the father to little Shiloh there won't be any wedding bells. Jennifer Aniston is currently in love with Vince Vaughn an actor that was in a movie with her during "The Breakup." I hear wedding bells soon, but I doubt it'll be too soon since Jennifer only recently got burned.

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Fence jumping paparazzi...too close to Maddox Jolie-Pitt

The paparazzi have taken things a little too far, there should be some type of boundries when it comes to the kids of celebrities. This guy had none, he jumped the daycare fence where Maddox Jolie-Pitt stays right after Brad Pitt had dropped him off. Why? To take pictures of the kid up close. WHY!? How would you like it if someone got only feet from your own child to take pictures of him/her? I tell you I'd tear the sucker apart and press whatever charges are possible.

The punishment $1000 bail. Wow! This type of stuff really angers me. I was going to post on a subject that Brad Pitt wants to build a 20 foot wall around their home and how strange it was. Had even thought maybe he'd been hanging around Tom Cruise a bit much. But under these circumstances I think I would build that wall too.

Paparazzi should leave the kid alone!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Britney Spears Dyes her Hair BLACK.

Talk about a change, I can't believe she did this. Her pretty blonde hair is all gone now, in it's place is dark black. It is a pretty shade but with those glasses you can't tell how it looks on her.

Wonder if she is changing to try to start with a new slate? Or trying to keep away from cameras? Maybe they won't recognize her, yeah right. Or just got tired of the same look. From the back it looks really cute, but the picture here (borrowed from China Daily) is pulled back in a pony tail and doesn't give it justice.

Love little Sean Preston here though.

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Holmes losing Weight....Is it too much too fast?

We all remember Katie Holmes stating she wanted to get her shape back before going down the aisle. It appears she has actually lost 28 pounds! While this is absolutely wonderful to hear, is it too much? I know all of us women, like to lose weight but she only gave birth 2 months ago. Granted most of it will come right off after birth I hope she isn't doing too much.

credit to Daily Star: “Katie has embarked on a hardcore fitness regime and does 200 sit-ups a day, combined with two hours of cardio work before Pilates”, a source told the Daily Star, quoted by Toronto Fashion -Monitor.

Many of Katie's close friends are worried sick about her, and they aren't the only ones. Her father is definitely not agreeing with her losing this much weight the route she is doing it.

Katie dear, it's natural to lose the weight slowly, not to mention it stays off that way. Too fast can mean getting it back within a few months.

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Reese Witherspoon to Sue Star Magazine...

that's right after their recent publication stating Reese Witherspoon was pregnant with #3.

Reports state that the newest Star Magazine is about to come out with front page headlines showing her and Julia Roberts and stating they are both expecting Baby #3. Actually some are already being sold. Reese Witherspoon filed a lawsuit, claiming this is hurting her public image, not only through her fans but the people she works with. She doesn't like looking like she is lieing to people and she's already said she isn't pregnant. Guess that answers everyone's questions on is she or isn't she. The answer is no.

Here's the scoop:
The actress, who filed the lawsuit under her full name of Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon, sought unspecified general and punitive damages in the lawsuit, which asserts that she is not pregnant and that the story hurt her reputation it implied that she was dishonest with the producers. This is from the MSNBC website article.

Does one blame Reese for wanting only the truth out there? No way, and if it hurts you financially or professionally there should be something there to stop it. Way to go Reese.

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Tom Cruise wants downtown Tokyo? Is Tokyo for rent?

Okay, Tom Cruise has been on a HUGE promotional tour since right before Baby Suri was born. While during this tour he has recently stopped in at Tokyo where he got to chat it up with thousands of fans. While there he told everyone that he wanted 9 more children with Katie Holmes and planned on getting married by the end of this year but not on July 4th. Yes, 9 more not a total of 10, not sure if he means adopted or his own either. However, I am sure he'll be asked that very soon.

Tom also admitted that he would like to RENT Tokyo for a night, just downtown Tokyo. Uhhhh, how do they feel about that? He claims it'd be perfect for his next movie. Man, does he think he can buy everything he wants? ugh.

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Kidman's Kids arrive in Australia... with dad?

Early this morning Nicole's kids, Connor and Isabella arrived in Australia to be with their mom for her wedding. They flew in from Tokyo after being on tour with their dad, Tom Cruise. There was no sight of Tom Cruise however.

Instead of Tom, his sister and publicist took his place traveling with the kids to Australia. Are things that bad between the couple or is he just busy with his tour?

After the kids were rested, Nicole and her kids went to visit a hospital for sick children. On their trip back to their Sydney home, they went in a vehicle with tinted windows as mom sat up front. Now that they are all nestled inside their little home everyone can reunite and enjoy each other before the big day.

Hope you are happy Nicole, you deserve it.

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Britney Spears Must Fire Manny!

Several reports state that Kevin Federline is jealous of Britney Spears' new manny. Is it because he was recently seen in photos holding Kevin's little boy? Could very well be. All we know is Kevin told Britney to sack the new guy.

Will Britney Spears actually give in and make the man pack his bags? Or will she keep him? So, far we've heard of no accidents since this man became the new nanny and the old one was shoved to the curb.

Sources have stated they did see Perry outside the Spears' home with packed bags before they went on vacation. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and Preston all went on a small vacation, however many reports talk about Kevin with his buddies and Brit and Preston staying home by themselves. I wonder if he will once again show up after their vacation.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pregnancy News: Heidi Klum and Seal are expecting #3

Congratulations to this very lovely couple. Heidi Klum is a famous for her tv reality show, "Project Runway." I wonder if they'll be adding maternity wear to the line? Don't forget sometimes woman don't show though until their final months, so it is possible we won't even tell the difference.

Heidi and Seal currently have a 2 year old and a 9 month old. I know they'll be a very happy family. They seem to stay out of the limelight as much as possible when it comes to their family and I can't say that I blame them.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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Angelina Jolie dishes out at Iraq War!

Well, only in America can you say how you feel about anything. It is your freedom. Guess that's why Angelina Jolie told everyone how she felt towards the war in Iraq. I find it all very amusing since she only recently abused her own power to shut down a country so she could give a "peaceful" birth. Not to mention stealing someone else's husband. Yeah, let's talk about priorities.

During an interview with CNN for Refugee Day, she criticized the war on Iraq and the US's priorities. Article about Angelina.

When you're in Washington to get money for AIDS orphans, the answer is often, we're at war right now," said the goodwill ambassador for the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) who has visited refugee camps around the world, late last night.

While yes she may be on a mission to save all the little kids in the world, she should really think about how she criticises how America does stuff. This is coming from a woman that has several of her own issues that should be dealt with. While I do state this yes I give you a thumbs up for adopting children but a thumbs down on your words to America.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!!!

If you ever get a chance to read the internet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE KIDMAN! That's right, Nicole is turning 39 today. How will she spend her birthday?

According to The Australian The Australian: She only wanted a simple birthday with her mom and who can blame her. I'm sure by now she's had enough of cameras in her face. A quiet night in sounds perfectly natural. But she didn't just have a quiet day, she was greeted by reporters singing, "Happy Birthday" to her over her intercom. Later, she sent out a keg of beer for them. This is one very special lady.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Angelina Jolie steps up to the Mic......

Recently, Angelina Jolie did her very first t.v. interview since Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born. She tells everyone about how she was scared during birth and waited for that moment that she would hear her baby cry. I do believe that is every mother's instinct. We push and push and wait to hear the sound. At that moment we know he/she is fine and all will be well with the world. Congratulations Angelina, it sounds like you are in the "MOM" category.

During the interview Angelina Jolie tells Anderson Cooper that Brad Pitt was in the delivery room the entire time. They are even planning on adopting yet another child, but haven't decided on which country. Hey Angelina, how about America?

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Nicole Kidman is invited to Tom Cruise's Wedding....

will she attend? Chances are that she won't, not unless she wants to be there to support her two children, Connor and Isabella.

Even though Tom Cruise has invited Nicole Kidman to his wedding it looks as if she hasn't returned the favor. She plans on getting married to Keith Urban this weekend somewhere down in Australia. There has been no mention of Tom going, however she is insisting that she wants her two children to attend.

Will Tom let them go? Wait and see.

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Saved by the Bell Screech Needs our HELP!!!

Okay, ya'll might remember the little man that was always funny in Saved by the Bell, Screech. Does it ring any bells? Okay, he chased after Lisa. Yeah, I thought you'd remember.

He needs our help. He has 30 days to come up with $250,000 or he loses his home. He got a piece of paper in the mail stating he'd been served. To get the full story go here So, he came up with a plan to create a few simple shirts and sell them at $15 a pop, but $20 if you want an autograph. The front of the shirt shows a picture of Dustin Diamond in front of a small shack. The back says, "I paid $15 to save Screeches House."

Before you ask, yes Screech...errrr...Dustin Diamond does have a just, he is a comedian. But as many can guess that doesn't bring in a ton of money. Where did all his money go? His parents used it all up when he was younger since they were in control of it. ;(

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Suri Cruise, where are you? Daddy tells Mommy no pictures!

This dazzling beauty, or so that's all we can figure has yet to come out for a brief peek at the rest of the world. Why? Sources say, Tom Cruise has vetoed any pictures of the young tyke from going online or out in the public.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a little spat when Tom refused to allow Katie to send out pictures of the wee one. Even Katie's parents aren't allowed pictures of their new grandbaby. Now that's just wrong!!

He is way too paranoid, I am a very protective mother but I know that my kids' grandparents would never harm them. Get over yourself Tom! Let the rumors stop and show the world your "precious" little girl. Or is there really one? One has to wonder if he is only do this because he is trying to run Katie out or if he really is that crazy. Hmmm. I do feel for Katie though, this is a mom that is proud of her child and wants to stop rumors about her having a fake pregnancy. What momma wouldn't?

Tom, who is it you are afraid is going to take your little girl? With all the security that surrounds you, you should feel protected. If not, I'd suggest losing them and hiring someone you do trust. Or are you scared your own religion might take her?

The Tom Cruise is stopping fiancee Katie Holmes from sending out pictures of their daughter, Suri, because he’s paranoid the child could become a target for kidnappers.

Katie’s parents are particularly irritated by Tom’s fears because not even they have a photo of their grandchild.

She wanted to follow Brad and Angelina’s example and sell the first images of Suri to a magazine, then donate the millions it would have generated to charity, but Tom nixed the idea.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tom Cruise the #1 Most Powerful Celebrity

This week Forbes Magazine announced that Tom Cruise was #1 Most Powerful Celebrity. One just wonders how someone can get to be the most powerful. Was it because he can wave his money around enough that everyone is afraid and pulls the plug. South Park had to cancel a show because of him. He tried getting Katie Holmes sex scene out of "Thank you for not Smoking." He decided to take away websites people owned in his name, then he bought them for himself. Didn't he have enough money?

One wonders about him being the most powerful celebrity, hopefully it won't go to his head. Course, he does use his celebrity title to shove Scientology down everyone's throats. Tom, if you really wanted people to know about it, announce it once and get everyone intrigued. Buying them just doesn't help. Not to mention using "scientology beliefs" don't let Katie do this or that. Just tell us you have decided this or that, we know you have got to be able to make up your own mind, form your own opinion. Everything I have read, you do only if scientology says too. Tom you use to be the man of every little girl's dreams, what's happening to ya?

In the meantime, while Tom Cruise was being voted #1 for most powerful, Keith Urban was voted #1 best looking for Country singers. Boy is he yummy too. How does Tom Cruise feel with being one uped by the man that is about to marry his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman?

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nicole Kidman is Getting Married...

Next weekend Nicole Kidman, ex-wife to Tom Cruise, will be getting married to Keith Urban. Just this past week, this country singer was voted to be the hottest man out there in the country world. ROAR! Look out world we've got the best looking couple getting hitched next week, if babies are created they will have one good looking child.

Yes, rumors flew and are still flying around last week about Nicole Kidman being pregnant and I'm sure we'll hear many more up until the day she gets married. Kidman will be getting married in her hometown in Australia, and news reports state that here wedding dress will be designed by Balenciaga. They make some of the cutest outfits.

She has been trying to keep her wedding very hush hush and private. I can understand this since she has never liked to be in the public eye, at least not when it comes to her personal life. Talks have it the wedding will take place as the sun is going down. Either way, I'll keep ya updated and Nicole Kidman have a great wedding. You are going to look smashing.

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Trying again??

That's right, it seems everyone wants babies these days, even those that have recently popped. Just this past week we heard how Brangelina was looking to adopt another and many other celebs that were expecting or were to believed to be expecting. New reports from the Enquirer, put in my own words, state that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are trying again and will hopefully be making a big announcement at their July 4th wedding. Hmm, does this mean they will after all get married this summer? Or is this just another rumor or publicity stunt. Only time will tell.

For the sake of Katie Holmes I do hope she doesn't end up pregnant just yet. Dear Katie your body needs to heal and bounce back, give it a year or two before trying for another.

This isn't the only talk of this couple...stay tuned for more gossip rumors flying by.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Nicole Kidman looking more pregnant....

Well blaim it on the season or the fact Tom Cruise just had a baby. Everyone has all eyes on Nicole Kidman's tummy. Only time will tell but makes a lot of us wonder why their were no babies during the 10 years the two couples were married. Not to mention his first wife didn't have a child until after they were divorced. has a shot of another tummy shot.

Nicole Kidman, I know you don't like us to know your personal life and actually I don't blame ya. But are ya pregnant? Ya know all it takes is speaking out to shut everyone up. Or maybe you want everyone to know, especially Tom. hehe.

Okay readers, you tell me..... is she pregnant? We'll definietly have to keep up with this one.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Star Magazine thinks Nicole Kidman .... Pregnant?

Yes, Star Magazine has recently showed this picture of Nicole Kidman coming out of a yoga studio. They point out the little tummy she has in the pictures. Could she be pregnant? Sure, why not? No one is commenting on her side if she really is, they just say that don't comment on Nicole's personal life. Remember though women tend to grow a small bump, also known as bloating once a month. Not all, but some do. Maybe no one noticed before because we didn't have baby on the brain from all the celebrities that are popping.

Star Magazine Article

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The Race is On between TomKat and Brangelina...

That's Right, the race is on between the two couples. Tom Cruise sent Brad Pitt and congratulations card talking about Brad following in his footsteps. Will either couple get married? Who will be the first one up the alter?

Now, Angelina Jolie wants to adopt one more child.

Rumors are flying that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes loves parenthood so much, that they are already talking about getting pregnant with their second child.

And the race is on....

Both actors were married before they found their brunette beauties. Tom Cruise had two adopted children, Brad Pitt adopts Angelina Jolie's adopted children. Both have their own newborn. Brad beats Tom Cruise with posting pictures of newborn. Will their be wedding bells or will they just be live-ins?

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Britney's Nanny is a MAN!

Everyone has been bouncing around the rumors that Britney Spears had a new man in her life. IT IS TRUE! But not like you think. Her new nanny is actually a man, many call him a "Manny." Britney Spears have told reporters several time he's more like Sean Preston/b's body guard, he's just learning about babies.

This is probably why Britney Spears was caught June 4th, changing Sean's dirty diaper inside a store. Most would think, okay, well what's wrong with that. It appears she changed him on the floor, in front of the cash register. She did try having the ladies at the register throw the dirty diaper in the trash, but they refused.

First, for those that want to smear her name, at least she changed his bottom. For as bad as ya'll make her sound, she couldn't just left him in it. However, Britney, darling, next time, find a restroom or change him in your car. I've done this several times, so it can be done. There wasn't mention of her manny being with her or even Kevin, who knows maybe they were guarding the entrance so no photos were taken. Phew!

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Tom Cruise sends gift, plane and invite....

As many of you know Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have had their little baby girl. Her name is Shiloh and it appears that Tom Cruise has sent them a gift, a card, flowers and a teddy bear for little Shiloh.

Everyone has become upset over the note Tom Cruise actually wrote to Brad Pitt, "He writes, "Congratulations! You're doing a fine job following in my footsteps!" I'm sure he meant this as a joke, the two men have been friends ever since Interview with the Vampire. Granted, I wonder how much was a joke, after only a week ago he slammed them for selling their daughter out to the highest bidder. Hmmm. Makes ya think, course the rumors don't stop there.

Tom Cruise also offered an invitation to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to attend the Church of Sceintology, which Angelina promptly turned down. Howver, many are saying that he did offer them a ride home in his private jet, which they accepted. Didn't he recently offer someone else this exact jet after inviting them to the church?

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Katie Holmes Sex Scene is in!

In the beginning of the year many thought Tom Cruise had actually cut the sex scene Katie Holmes is in. It actually wasn't in the premiere like everyone had thought. When the movie showed without it words flew that Tom Cruise had cut that scene just like he did with the cartoon (South Park) about Scientology. At that time it seemed believable, after all he'd already done it to one show.

This is not the case, several reports state that during a press conference director Reitman actually joked that it had been lost due to a "technical glitch." Many had wondered if Tom Cruise was the glitch that had occured. But it appears it never was cut, for some unknown reason it never did show up in the Sundance Festival but it will be in the movie, "Thank You for Not Smoking."

The scene in question is actually pretty short, it shows Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart on top of one another. It's suppose to be very hilarious the way it is done. Everyone is shocked Katie Holmes would be in a sex scene. Why? She was in the movie, "The Gift," where she was topless.

It'll be interesting to see if Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes attends this showing.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Paris Hilton Backs into a Car!

Thursday, June 9th, Paris Hilton was leaving after a spending spree with a friend. She was very pleasant with all of the media that was surrounding her Range Rover, smiling, waving and saying, "See ya'lls."

Statements all over the net state she was blinded by the cameras and hit a vehicle and drove off.

However, after taking a close look at one of the videos on I wonder. Yes, I saw many cameras but that didn't seem to be what actually got her to hit the parked vehicle. But it was actually when someone yelled something out at the end, it caused her to briefly look away. As for her just driving off, she did stay momentarily. Which could've been when Paris Hilton gave someone her info to give the driver of the vehicle. Yes, Paris Hilton should've placed her card on the window with ALL of her private info for all the press to see. Whom, how many phone calls would she be getting after that stunt.

Did Paris Hilton back into a car? Yes.
Did she not leave her info? She did.

I do believe Paris Hilton was more than willing to pay for any damage done on the other car. (her car actually looked like it got the worse of it) And I still believe she will. She knew the moment she hit the car, at least if you go by the look on her face. She stopped the car immediately after it happened. Many saying it wasn't bad. She passed on her info and left. She's famous, she probably knew she'd be contacted the minute the owner of the car got back.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Katie Holmes will Make Money getting Married to Tom Cruise

We all heard the wedding had been expected to be sometime around July 4th, but once Katie Holmes gave birth something happened. New reports state there MIGHT be a wedding in the Fall. Maybe she realized she didn't want to get married after all. Or maybe Tom Cruise decided she wasn't scientology ready. Who really knows what happened. We do know Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' parents weren't getting along and many soon to be wives want their families to love the person they'll marry.

Katie Holmes gave birth in April to little Suri, not sure when we'll ever see that little bundle of joy. If you read reports about what Tom Cruise supposibly said towards Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it would probably be never.

According to New York Times Tom Cruise wrote an Op-Ed piece stating: "It's obvious to me," wrote Mr. Cruise, "that Brangelina would not have made the cover of People were it not for their child. They don't have a movie to sell, so they peddle photos of their baby instead. You don't see Kate and me splashing pictures of Suri all over the web, pimping her out to the highest bidder. It's not the Scientology way, and I don't have to remind you that I do have a product in the theaters right now."

Wow! I wonder what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have to say towards all this. But if we go by this statement it may be a very LONG time before we ever see a picture of Suri anywhere. The only way I see this happening is if someone holding Suri walks by an open window and a cameraman happens to snap a picture at that exact moment. Or she learns to walk and steps out the front door.

Back to the wedding, it has been stated that Katie Holmes will be making quite a lot of money when she marries Tom Cruise due to a pre-nup. Good for her. Rumor has it she is only marrying him to get away from him. She knows if she were to leave him now he'd have enough money to fight her for a LONG time and she wouldn't get baby Suri. What's a mother to do? I'm not sure if she gets $3 million a year or $4 million. If she stays married to him for over 11 years, she'll get half of anything he makes due to California Law, of course this would mean they must marry in California. After this time she would also be given a California Home if she were to divorce at that point.

In the meantime Katie Holmes has been trying to get back into shape for that wedding gown Tom Cruise picked out for her to wear at their wedding. She has been getting lots of dieting advice from Victoria Beckman.

So for now I guess it's all going to be a waiting game, lets see if they actually get married this fall. I had believed they'd get married before all this but after everything I wondering if it wasn't all just a way for Tom Cruise to promote a few movies. After all, isn't that what he's blaming Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? No they may not have had a movie out but he thinks they just wanted their name in the papers. Hmm, makes ya wonder, he's the one making comments.

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