Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Florida Judge rejects to take part in Paternity for Dannielynn Case and other Anna stuff

Okay since everyone has heard about Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death we've been all ears on several issues. However, so far none of them have even been solved.

- How did Anna die? Was she sick? Did someone kill her?

- Who will get Anna's body? At first the ruling was Anna's daughter's lawyer and they were going to do a quick, family funeral. I thought this was great, at least it wouldn't ruin the body anymore. But her mother decided it wasn't good enough, I guess seperating her from her son even after death is easier. Let the lady lay beside her son. Wouldn't we all want to be buried by our children? So now we wait for further information to hear who gets the body. And we all thought this was decided just last week.

- Who's the daddy? We all thought we'd hear a quick answer, I mean its DNA right? Man, those forensics shows would tell us within 30 minutes. yes, I know it takes a bit more than that but I want to know. Honestly, I think it's Larry, always have and will until someone shows some science otherwise. And now what's this about Howard's attorney taking Larry's cup during a trial? Does someone want to test dna in secret?

Guess we'll just wait and see.