Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tom Cruise Presents the IMAGEN Award

24th Annual IMAGEN Awards
This past Friday, Tom Cruise flew down to present the Imagen Lifetime Achievement award to CAA agent Emanuel Nunez. Congrats to Emanuel.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tom Cruise and Family sleeps in the Park

Tom Cruise and family by lake in Melbourne, Australia

Oh there is no where that isn't home for this family, Tom Cruise took his adorable little family to the Melbourne Botanical Gardens this past week and apparently they got a bit tired. Suri fell asleep in mommy, Katie Holmes', arms and Tom gently helped Katie lay on the ground. Tom laying beside her, it looked as if the entire family would soon fall fast asleep. But with the waiting cameras it didn't seem that Tom got much sleep.

I swear with all the cameras I'm surprised he's so friendly to the media.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Katie Holmes Running with Suri

Katie Holmes with daughter Suri Cruise on set in Australia

Katie Holmes was spotted running around at Mount Macedon in Australia, it looked as if they were playing tag. I love that Suri sticks her tongue out as she runs, I was always told that I did that as a child. The pair traveled all around the set for "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" as Suri ran, walked, jumped through the leaves and marched along with her mom.

I've noticed the big difference between just last year at this time and now, Katie Holmes tends to dress Suri more appropriately. Suri was seen in aqua colored leggings, a dark colored shirt with a dark blue zipper jacket. She is also wearing white boots with colored spots on them, her hair was flying all over the place.

Katie was bundled up in a heavy black jacket, , colorful scarf, white shirt and blue jeans. She had her hair loose too and it was flying around everywhere.

PIC: GossipGirls

Katie Holmes Escapes Car Fire

Katie Holmes is really SuperGirl and knows just how close she came to danger just last 16677144451press4302009112310AM weekend. She had been filming a scene inside a car for "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and the car exploded in flames just after she had got out a few minutes before. It doesn't seem like this was a planned explosion, so she got very lucky and after the fire was out Katie was seen very shook up but she seemed to be able to go on filming even after this happened. So glad to hear she wasn't hurt during this.

For those that are curious she is being stalked by little evil gnomes and they were bugging her inside the car. However, (not part of the movie) the car battery exploded and the car caught fire. Thankfully they got to it before the whole car went up in flames. The crew removed that battery and went on filming. I am now wondering if this will be added into the movie.

Hopefully the rest of the filming will go off without any more explosions that weren't in the script.

Legally Blondes

Uh oh, just when you thought you’d finally put up that Legally Blonde DVD or Mean Girls, another moves into town except this isn’t your average movie. Legally BLONDES, that is with an “s” is coming to ABC Family channel on August 2nd at 8/7 Central.

I’ll look for a youtube version of it, but if not I’ll try keeping you posted as I’m sure my girls will definitely want to see this. The picture in the magazine shows two blonde teen girls with long straight hair, everything is pink. They’ve got pink flats, pink dresses, bracelets, jewelry, sunglasses and even their dog leashes are pink. Once again it looks like the mini dog, the chicawa is back. I’m sure this will be a tale of two girls in a high school and able to drive and such. If you are a “Legally Blonde” fan you can watch the original 1 & 2 at 4pm/3 central on Sunday.

It seems two blonde twins are moving into Hollywood and they are going to change the way the school does things. When one faculty member tries to come down on the girls for the way they dress, errr change their uniforms she tells them the code that states they must wear the uniforms. They reply back with another code stating it doesn't say they can't accessorize said uniform. hehe. Sounds like another Elle Woods on this school's hands. Course this one is double trouble. Were you able to watch it?

Is Katie Holmes moving to Sex in the City?

Katie Holmes with Guy Pearce on location down-under

Is Katie Holmes really moving to "Sex in the City" from "Dawson's Creek"? I guess this would definitely show she's grown up and a woman now instead of some teen girls that so many of us remember. But as far as the role would go I can totally see her fitting the part. These are powerful business women that work in New York, so it wouldn't be a stretch for someone like Katie Holmes to play this part, I mean she is "Cruise's wife." 

The shooting would begin this Fall, which would mean if Katie does take this part or gets it she would go immediately from Australia to New York. I think this would definitely put her back on track for her movie career but is Tom willing to split his time with his wife? I did hear that they really loved the first Sex in the City movie so I think this would be a fun one for her and hope she gets it. I know I'd go see it if she got the part.

Oh the part is:

"The character they want her to play is a really ballsy, high-powered company executive who tangles with Samantha."

What do you think? Would Katie fit into the Sex in the City life?

To all my readers

It has been a LONG time, after this past week I fear that some of my sites that I write for at a social site will be going down, or out of business so I'm going to start blogging here once again and adding content that I wrote for over there and since we've been logged out I'm going with these would be wasted otherwise. So step up and comment and let me know which celebs you'd like to read more about. In the meantime enjoy the gossip.