Friday, January 05, 2007

Club Paris No longer Wants Paris

Club Paris no longer wants Paris to represent them, they are afraid that because of how the media views her they may get a bad reputation. After all, think about what the latest headlines are with Paris...

Paris Hilton and no panties...
Paris Hilton and Britney Spears...
Paris Hilton parties at....
Paris stiffs tab...
Paris Hilton vomits on stage...

As you can see, she's constantly doing something to attract the media and it isn't always a good thing. The owner of Club Paris has fired Paris from their club, granted they state it is because she never shows up on time but I think the bigger picture is the kind of dammage she brings to these clubs. While I'm sure the Paris will be able to find other jobs out there, it does bring down the new year for her a bit I'm sure.

Julia Roberts Expecting #3

Right before 2006 was over Julia Roberts announced she was pregnant with #3. I'm sure not many people heard about this with the ending of the year, so I had to do a refresh and announce it again.

This "Pretty Woman" already has a set of twins that were born in 2004. Hazel and Phinnaeus, also known as Finn. I can't help but wonder if it is one baby or two. But whatever it is, this baby is due this summer.

Congratulations to this happy couple!

Lindsay Lohan Gets Appendicitis

Lindsay Lohan was complaining about stomach pains this past Wednesday, when she went to the doctor and found out she was suffering from appendicitis. Doctors adviced her of needing her appendix out and that's exactly what she did. Honestly I don't know if a normal person (one not rich with lots of money or a celebrity) would be able to have this done so quickly but she did.

Currently Lindsay is recovering in the hospital. One good thing about this is when she felt ill she immediately went to the doctor, most people would just dismiss it as a common cold or something. Keep in mind that things can happen to anyone, including yourself, if you feel ill get it checked out.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Britney Passes Out in 2007

Britney Spears has already made the media for 2007. This time for passing out at a New Year's Eve Bash over at Ceasar's Palace Pure Nightclub. Apparently they'd invited her to help them kick it off. Who wouldn't they know everywhere Brit goes so does her fans and tabloids, but I don't think they expected this.

She'd been partying all night and finally after doing a little table dance collapsed and fell to the floor. Of course her rep is screaming she was just so tired she fell asleep. I think it was a bit more serious than that and believe the tabloids on this one, she'd just had a wee bit too much alcohol in her system.

Reports say that Britney had to be carried out by a couple of guards. What's your opinion?