Friday, December 28, 2007

Jessica Alba Engaged

Jessica Alba recently announced that she was with child and now we hear she's engaged. She'll be marrying Cash Warren, their unborn baby's daddy. No news on the wedding date yet.

Brandy Norwood Cleared of Murder

Singer, Brandy Norwood was cleared of any criminal charges in the fatal car crash she was in a few months back. Brandy was in an accident that left Awatef Aboudihaj, a mother of two dead. Now reports are stating the mother may even have had marijuana in her system.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fergie's Getting Married!

TMZ has just released some confidential information....FERGIE'S ENGAGED! That's right, now ya'll know why she's been working out so hard, every woman does right before trying on a ton of wedding dresses. Not that she needs to. There is no news on the details of the proposal, just that Josh did it or the actual wedding date. I'll keep ya posted if I hear anything.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jamie Lynn Pregnant

Jamie Lynn Spears, from Zoey101, is pregnant with boyfriend Casey Aldridge's baby. The couple have been dating now for about two years and got a little carried away one night about 12 weeks ago. Jamie has issued her story to OK Magazine.

"I can’t say it was something I was planning to do right now," the 16-year-old confesses to OK!. "But now that it’s in my lap and that it’s something I have to deal with, I’m looking forward to being the best mom I can be."

There ya have it folks, the 16 year old is having a baby and plans on keeping it. I just hope she is a better mother than Britney.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hannah Montana Tickets

Hannah Montana tickets went on sale early yesterday morning, however in a matter of only 5 minutes places were already saling out. Hannah knew fans wanted to see her and she extended her tour for an extra 10 more dates, to get a few more to be able to see her. However ticket prices are now soaring high once again, they've went from $21 to as high as $300. Would you buy a ticket?

You can try contacting the ticketmaster in order to find some, however if celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan can't get her paws on them, I doubt you'll find them.

Places to try:

Pamela Anderson To Retire

Pamela Anderson has told magazines that she is ready to retire. Retire? Retire from what? Modeling perhaps, not sure but that is her new statement.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Barbara Walters "Fascinating People 2007" list

Barbara Walters has named the top 10 Fascinating Peole of 2007.

J.K. Rowling
Jennifer Hudson
Katherine Heigl
Victoria Beckham
Bill Clinton
Justin Timberlake
Tom Anderson
Chris DeWolfe
Don Imus
Hugo Chavez

Who was fascinating to you? I thought Katie Holmes was, I mean from all her trips, new movie and now her hair styles.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pimp C died

Rapper Pimp C, who's real name is Charles Butler died yesterday in his hotel room, according to the coroner it may have been of natural causes. Pimp C was in the hotel room by himself when he apparently passed.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christina Silva Gives Up Crown

Christina Silva, former Miss California 2008 has just given up her brand-new crown. Why? It seems there was an accounting error and the wrong Miss was given the crown. Do you think this is fair? While it seems only fair to give it to the woman that had the most votes it was already passed out. That someone was Christina Silva who probably felt great, achievement, honor and pride and now she must lose all that. This is such a shame, I do hope they take proper precautions during the next Miss Pageant.

The new Miss is Raquel Beezley. Congrats to Raquel and sory to Christina. I do hope you win next time since you came so close this time.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Imus Hits the Waves Again

Imus hit the waves today, I think this was time...heck I don't think he ever should've been kicked off the air waves. My only hope is that this won't alter the way he talks on the radio. Now he has vowed that he would not say anything like that again, so he should have an enjoyable ride.

I must admit he didn't sound like he'd lost his voice when he said Hilary Clinton was Satan. I coulnd't help but laugh, Imus is back and so far it looks like it is the old Imus.

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Hannah Montana Tickets are Crazy

Hannah Montana tickets are so hard to get that people are willing to do crazy things in order to get them. In the Carolinas there were two moms that finally decided to split tickets together after spending many hours standing beside some cars. Today I read that a man spent 6 days hanging on to a statue for his chance to win some tickets. Man that was some work out, but at least he got tickets.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Evel Knievel Dies

Evel Knievel died last night at the age of 69 of liver failure. Evel was known for his daredevil stunts, at one time even even rode is motorcycle over 13 buses. He leaves behind three daughters and a son. His son Robbie is following in his footsteps.

Knievel had failing health for many years, from diabetes, broken bones to liver failure. While we all may have heard of his stunts, he retired back in the 80s. We do hope that he is doing stunts where ever he is.