Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jolie-Pitts Turn to Wax

There is a new scene at a Madame Tussauds (a museum) in New York and it has the Jolie-Pitt family minus two on display. That's right, you heard me day and night Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Baby Shiloh will be in a museum. Not to worry, it's a wax figure of each of each of them and boy does it look spooky. It is spooky because it looks so real. Wow! The baby really does look like Shiloh sleeping. The parents watch over the baby as she sleeps in a room full of yellow and white with stuffed animals all about. But where is her other siblings? They keep getting lost in all the media. Maybe Maddox and Zahara just haven't been made yet. I can't wait to actually see ALL the family there.

For every person that gets their picture taken with the Wax family $1 will be donated to UNICEF.

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Julia Roberts gets rights to "The Girl"

I'm sure if you have a young daughter than you've already heard of the "American Girl" collection and may have even seen the first movie on television. However, now you can get a chance to see it on the big screen. Can you picture how excited your daughter is going to be?

Six years ago three woman got the rights to The American Girl and created the first movie, "Samantha: An American Girl Holiday," next came "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure" and finally, "Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front." Want to know who these three fabulous women were that had the vision to bring the dolls to the movies? Julia Roberts, Lisa Gillan and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas.

Kitt will be the first American Girl to make it to the big screen. Her story revolves around the Great Depression and learning all about her lesson in "Waste not-want not." I'm sure it'll teach our children about being happy with what they have because there is someone out there that has less than they do. A very valuable lesson.

For over 20 years American Girls have come to life in books, now we'll all get to enjoy them right in front of us and watch their lives unfold. American Girl has teamed up with Walden Media to create this first movie on the big screen and I know I'll be one of the first ones in line. Will you?

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Haley Joel Osment gets into Accident

You may remember him as the little boy that played in "Sixth Sense," however he isn't so little anymore. The other night he reportedly was driving home around 1 a.m. and hit a brick pillar flipping his poor little Saturn. He was immediately rushed to ER by ambulance.

Some reports are stating that he was intoxicated while driving, while others state it was just a late night for him.

His condition: As far as we are told he will be fine and that's coming from the actor himself. Glad to hear it Haley. However, ABC News reports Haley got a injured shoulder and broken rib.

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Hilary Duff's New Clothing Line

I'm very happy to hear Hilary Duff is starting her own clothing line. I love the outfits she wears on the show and think they'll be a much better influence on today's teens and preteens then Mary-Kate and Ashley outfits. While both are cute, some are just a bit too old for some of the youngsters to be wearing.

Hilary Duff may have a bit of competition but I think her style will stick around for a long time to come.

Tori Spelling is NOT Pregnant!

Okay, the original post was about the rumors that Tori Spelling was pregnant but her spokesperson has come forward and stopped these rumors. She is NOT pregnant and the store that everyone is stating she was in buying clothes is from 6 weeks ago when a friend gave birth. So, there won't be baby noises any time soon, at least not that we know of. I do expect to hear an announcement soon though. How long do you think it'll be before we hear?

Source: AccessHollywood
"No she is not pregnant," spokesperson Sarah Fuller tells Access. "She was in that store over six weeks ago buying a gift for a friend who recently had a baby."

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

19 year-old splits up Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

It is true Christie Brinkley the famous supermodel and her husband Peter Cook are splitting up. Many of us wondered why after all these years, they seemed so happy together. But this week it was revealed that a 19 year-old was behind some of the causes of the split up. After finding out your husband had an affair with a teenager could you stay with him? Yes, legal and all but still. Close enough to your own childrens' age.

This teen and Peter actually met when she was a toy store. I'm not sure if he was actually doing anything with her at that time but the thought scares me. According to reports she was 18 when the affair actually began. He sent her lots of gifts, which of course she just ate up. The affair lasted a year before the teen broke it off and now she is looking to take legal action against him as well.

Christie has been going through all the emotions you can imagine after finding about the entire thing.

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Matthew McConaughey Sells Stingray for Katrina Victims

Wow, I already thought he was a hottie but now he goes and does this? This man is giving up his beautiful car to help Katrina and Rita victims. Back in 1990s he purchase a mediterranean blue stingray at a California auction.

"I admire and enjoy this car, but it's a luxury that I'm willing to relinquish at this point," McConaughey says of the Mediterranean blue vehicle. "I am fortunate enough to have everything I need, and the sale of it will help so many with the necessities in life."

Do you have money to burn? Want a car like this or just want to help for the cause? Here's your chance check it out on ebay.

Currently the bid is at $47,100, is this a good price for that nice car?

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Cusack retrains Stalker

John Cusack has a stalker and if anyone's been stalked you'll know it's just no fun. You never know what'll happen. This is a woman that has tossed items in his yard, over the fence and showed up at his place of business. According to her, just to meet him so he could bring attention to her case. I don't know if I'd want to meet her either. Would you?

He has filed a restraining order on this lady to keep her 500 feet away from him at all times. However, now rumors have it she has decided to do the same to him. Okay? My guess is he wouldn't go anywhere near her, that's the whole reason for his restraining order to keep her away from him. To protect himself.

Apparently it all started with her wanting him to use his celebrity status to bring to attention that she was assaulted and have the police look into it.

Here is a statement from the Washington Post: In court papers filed last month, Cusack said the 31-year-old woman "is showing unusual interest by stalking, throwing long letters of interest over my fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside, making unannounced visits to offices of people I work with in an attempt to meet with me and listing my address as her own during a recent arrest."

The woman "threatens to commit acts of violence against herself if I do not help her," Cusack's court papers stated.

Good luck John, may she stay far away.

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Britney Spears get an Apology from National Enquirer

In recent news Britney Spears actually gets an apology from the National Enquirer.

"In the 5th and 12th June 2006 issues of the UK Enquirer, we published articles under the headlines 'Britney Marriage is Over!' and 'Britney and Kevin: And Now Their Divorce!'" the Enquirer said in its latest edition on news stands on Tuesday.

"Contrary to what our articles might have suggested, we now accept that their marriage is not over and they are not getting divorced," the British National Enquirer added.

"These allegations are untrue and we now accept Britney's position that the statements are without foundation. We apologise for any distress caused."

Britney Spears does deny any rumors of her splitting, saying she has fallen back in love with Kevin Federline. Britney and Kevin are both happy with the apology.

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Britney Spears' New Manny

While it's only been about a week since we saw the old Manny driving Britney through McDonald's now we see a new one by her side. He does look rougher and tougher and if I may, a bit cuter than the last one. One can only guess why the old manny is no longer with her, maybe he got tired of drive thrus or shopping for her.

This new manny seems to have the same job as the old one. Protect Britney and push the stroller. The outfit she is wearing in the above picture, is absolutely cute.

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Pam Anderson to wed Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson has announced that she will be getting remarried, this time to Kid Rock. Is this a marriage made in heaven? This little announcement was made on Pam's website where she said she'd given up the idea that her and ex-hubby Tommy Lee would get back together.

Rumor has it there may be a wee one in the future not too long from now. Hmmm, are they trying to have a baby?

For all the fans out there, the wedding is set to take place next week, July 29th.

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Spelling Mansion SOLD

That's right, dispite Candy Spelling announcing to the world that it wasn't true it seems she was not being honest. The mansion was sold on Monday for $135 million. So much for not selling the place right?

Liza Huber is Pregnant!

Liza Huber, also known as Gwen to us Passions fans is pregnant! This little bundle of joy will actually be the first grandchild in the family and it's a BOY! You can imagine the excitement already and to top things off this one is due December 31, which as ya'll know is New Year's Eve. Who says she'll have the baby on New Year's Day? Hope she isn't like me and stays pregnant two week after that. But my son did come on time. Good luck Gwen, ugh, I mean Liza! ;)

Regarding her mom, Susan Lucci, Liza told TV Guide, "She's gonna give new meaning to the word grandmother...She certainly doesn't look like a grandmother! This is the first grandchild for both my parents and my husband's parents, so everyone is beside themselves with joy."

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BREAKING NEWS: Suri Cruise Does Exist

Leah Remini reported actually meeting Suri Cruise a few weeks ago. So we keep quiet during all the speculation and rumors about the wee one's birth certificate?

Entertainment Tonight stated Leah was doing an interview with an upcoming issue of US Weekly: "She's a newborn and normal size!" reports Leah Remini, also a member of the scientology church." She also states that the child is gorgeous, if only we could see her right? Remini says, "Tom and Kate want to have a life and raise their baby. They're normal parents."

The reason she has probably seen Suri and others haven't is probably because she is a member. There has been another person that has seen her, I'll look that up and report it later today. Wondering if they are only allowing their Scientology friends to see the baby. I do remember that Will Smith announced he hadn't seen her and he'd been calling Tom/Katie for a visit but kept getting postponed.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Wedding bells for Cruise and Holmes?

Rumor has it Cruise and Holmes will be getting married this summer, probably late July or early August. However, will they? It wasn't but a few months ago that Tom Cruise stated later this year and they all denied rumors about getting married this summer. So will they is the question? We've all heard the wait was due to Katie Holmes not losing baby weight and the whole prenup thing. I guess we'll see soon.

It has been stated that it'll most likely be a scientology wedding. Which probably will be without Katie's parents due to their own religious beliefs.

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Paris Hilton has No Friends

Why does she have no friends? Well, every time she has had a friend in the past they sell her out to the highest bidder. How can anyone claim to be a friend when they do that? A friend is someone that will stick with you through it all, not bail the moment the price is right.

However, according to the presses Paris will actually test her friends loyalty by telling them a lie and seeing if it leaks. If it is out that next day or week she knows who is not her true friends.

I think it would probably be difficult growing up rich and never knowing if anyone that ya hung out with were real or fake.

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Lindsay Lohan receives Death Threats

Just as you'd imagine being a celebrity, not everyone loves them and Lindsay is no different. Not only does she gets death threats but she also deals with stalkers. At her latest birthday event her stalker had even told her he'd be waiting there for her to prove that they were meant to be together.

Not to worry of all you Lindsay Lohan Fans, she had the place checked out before she entered.

Actual quote from ContactMusic:
"I get death threats all the time.

"I have one really bad stalker. He says he's going to be at the Chateau Marmont before my birthday and prove to me that we're meant to be together, even if he has to take me away and teach me.

"They have a picture of him there. It's scary. And he's just one of them."

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Angelina Jolie - First steals husband Now Movie

First Angelina Jolie stole Jennifer Aniston's husband Brad Pitt. But of course she made sure she ended that marriage, once the couple were divorced she scooted him out of the country. Was she scared he'd run back to Jen? Beg for forgiveness? My guess is yes! After all, if he were out of the country it would make it a tad bit harder to chat with her. Heck, even once they first came back to the states Angelina refused to allow Jen to talk with Brad, even to congratulate him on the birth of his new daughter.

Once out of the country Brad decided to adopt Jolie's kids, making them an almost official family. Maybe she explained that she'd marry him. Who knows? Then she got pregnant, with his kid. This was a definite way to keep Jen and Brad apart. Was this all part of the plan?

Upon entering the United States Angelina Jolie started clearing out any momentos or signs that Jennifer ever lived in the homes. Out with the old and in with the new right? She even tried to have Brad tell his mother she couldn't see Jen... okay if she did never to speak of it in front of Angelina. Is Angelina scared of Jen for some reason? Who knows.

Course now Angelina has stolen a possible Oscar award from Jennifer Aniston. She sure was making Jennifer's ghost leave, now she will be playing the key role in "The Mighty Heart." This is a beautiful, sad story written by the widow of Daniel Pearl. He was beheaded in Pakinstan and she was left alone and pregnant. I will say this one piece at least Angelina and Marianne both have black hair. But I can't see Angelina in a role that is so emotional, not unless it has her doing a bunch of action in it.

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Brad Pitt vs. Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were once married, during this marriage they formed a production company. This company got the rights to a movie, based off a book written by Mariane Pearl. This is one brave woman that dealt with life after her husband was beheaded in Pakistan and she was pregnant. It is a very touching story. Everyone knew that this movie would be a possible Oscar for Jennifer Aniston win a Emmy.

However, things changed, Brad Pitt is having Angelina Jolie play the part Jennifer was suppose to play. Talk about a bad sting. Can Jen ever get a break? Sure she can, first Brad breaks her heart by cheating on her and then he gives her part away.

Yes, before everyone jumps on me for saying that last part, I don't care what reports state... look at it. The company the two of them had he wins, the movie they earned the rights to together in now going to have his girlfriend play the key role? I would definitely call this one a Brad vs. Jen and poor Jen isn't winning. All she keeps getting is slapped in the face.

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Is Jim Carrey finally settling down?

That's right by the vibes going through the internet Jim Carrey is planning on marrying his hottie Jenny McCarthy. No, not next year but early september, most likely Labor Day weekend.

Oh, you wree thinking of going? Don't, this one is a hush-hush. Word isn't getting out this time around, at least not that is. But one thing is for sure, he loves her.

According to the National Enquirer: Carrey has remained tight-lipped about his new love. He said: "I can't confirm or deny anything, but I am going out with someone who's very cool."

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Katie Holmes Speaks out about Pregnancy

Apparently word that Katie Holmes being pregnant with baby number 2 has finally reached her. This happened on the 10th during her trip to Telluride, a few paps stopped her and asked her about her pregnancy. She denied it all.

For those wanting to know about Suri Cruise, she was not with mom at this time, "Suri's doing great! She's back at the house." Katie was window-shopping in town with a friend, sipping on a cappucino.

Man, I wish we could see Suri, but don't think we will until they are offered more than Jolie-Pitt was or when Suri is one year old.

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Kidman denies Pregnancy Rumors

After last week's trip to Target many shot some pictures that looked like Nicole Kidman could be expecting. That or her dress just got a bit of air while walking to the car. Hey, everyone wants to see her pregnant, she deserves it.

However, Catherine Olim, Nicole's spokesperson told that Kidman is not expecting and it is just rumors tabloids are spreading.

Not many will be wanting to believe, especially after they were told the engagement rumors last year were only rumors. So, once again I'm sure the baby watch will be all over Kidman now.

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Kate Hudson shares her Secrets

That's right Kate Hudson wants to share her secrets of losing the weight after giving birth. Us moms know the feeling of trying to lose those extra pounds that just won't dissolve once the baby is born. We struggle and even get depressed by it. Kate Hudson is no different, she went through the same thing we all do and she actually got rid of it. She's ready to tell anyone that asks her how she lost it too.

Her one key phrase to losing weight after the baby is: "Staying Positive is the key." I do agree, with most women after not losing the pounds right away we tend to sink into a depression over it and the truth is a little positive thinking can help. After all, when you are sad you tend to eat or lounge around, but when you are positive you are upbeat, ready to conquer all.

Let's be more like Kate Hudson and start tossing off those pounds.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Disney to Remake Adventures in Babysitting?

Do you remember the movie, "Adventures in Babysitting"? You probably will if you are a girl. The movie was made back in 1987, so depending on your age will determine if you may have actually saw this funny film. This was a movie that starred Elizabeth Shue, remember as she came down a building by rope with kids hanging on her?

Raven-Symone from "That's so Raven," will be playing the role that Elizabeth once played as Chris Parker. This will be one babysitter that learns babysitting isn't all its cracked up to be. It may be a way to earn some money but depending on the kids you get will determine if it's worth it.

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Documents show Suri Cruise Does Exist, but does she?

Sure has shown the world there is a birth certificate for "Suri Cruise," however there are a ton of questions now because of it. For those wanting to see the actual proof here is a link to their site: TMZ gives proof.

Here are two questions:

Why did they wait until 20 days after she was born to return the birth certificate? The hospital policy states only 10 days after birth. Supposibly the only reason they actually turned it back in is so Little Suri could get her passport. I do recall Tom and Katie being spotted overseas.

Why did a friend sign off instead of the parents? Normally a parent signs off on the birth, yes it does state parent or representative, but weren't they around? This only makes it look phoney to me.

Many are even questioning the signing of the nurse, since she wasn't actually there for the birth. This just makes one wonder, especially since there have been NO sightings of SURI CRUISE.

I must admit that I really do hope she exists because I've always respected these two before they got together as actor/actress, however since many things have happened it has fell apart. Now, if I were to find out this was all just a set up to populate a film, I believe no one would have respect for them. But that's just my opinion.

Cover Girl: Keri Russell

The new CoverGirl Model is.....Keri Russell. Okay, you may not know her name but you might remember her as "Felicity" or maybe the latest movie she was in with Tom Cruise, "Mission Impossible III." It's no wonder this popular girl has made it to the signing portion of becoming the next CoverGirl Model. With a face as beautiful as her's who wouldn't want to use it.

The actual product she will be showing off is the CoverGirl's Outlast Double Lipshine. I can't wait to see the new commericials.

But don't think you'll see her looking like the cat that ate the mouse, this little lady wants to look natural, nothing like the vixen in red.

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LeAnn Rimes just had Surgery...

This past week LeAnn Rimes had to undergo surgery for a leg infection caused by a tear in her knee. But for all those fans out there, don't worry she'll be up and singing in no time flat. Granted she did need to cancel this week's performances but if the knee heals correctly she should be able to start appearing in two weeks, and if everyone is lucky next week.

Knees are so tricky, they are actually more frail then we actually think. The smallest thing can infect them, stuff like bumping them into a table, falling off a bike or tripping can injury them. LeAnn Rimes had no clue how she had hurt her knee and there is no wonder when a number of small injuries can do it. You may not even remember doing it.

Take it easy LeAnn! Keep off that knee for a bit.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tom Cruise's Worst Nightmare- South Park Episode to Win Emmy

It looks like Tom Cruise's Worst Nightmare has finally come true. Remember, a few months back when he made a certain episode on South Park disappear? Okay, he states he never did but come on, he gets upset and it doesn't show up. Get real, we aren't stupid!

For those that don't know, the episode is called, "Come out of the Closet." It's about Tom Cruise and a few others, the whole scientology religion and it kind of portrays Tom as being gay. Ikkk. Of course, it'll piss him off, oh and it makes fun of his religion.

Well it looks like the show is coming back, but this time it has been nominated for an EMMY. Can you picture it? Tom Cruise in the audience, waiting for an Emmy from MIIII and getting to watch the episode of himself. hehe.

So, granted he may get an emmy this year but there will be a lot of laughs if South Park does too. ;)

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Nickey Hilton goes into the Hotel business, but not the Hilton Hotels

It looks as if the baby of the Hilton family, Nicky Hilton will be headed into the hotel business. But not the Hilton Hotels! Nicky's Hotels will be called, "Nicky O, A Nicky Hilton Hotel."

This girl has grown up around hotels her entire life, why wouldn't she want to start a business with them. She knows what makes up a good hotel and that's what she wants to build.

She's already begun on one in Miami which she plans on it being for the parting crowd, Nicky wants another in Chicago which will be a lighter/calmer version of the hotel. Inside each elevator will be an entertainment news ticker to keep the guests happy while traveling floors, now you won't have to be bored as you watch the number of floors are going by.

Don't think just anyone can come to a Nicky O, Nicky Hilton Hotel, only those with money will be able to come into this place. Per night the cost is $5000. Completely out of my price range. :(

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Courtney Cox - Afraid of getting Old

She's actually so afraid of getting old she doesn't like mirrors. I can't see why though I think I like her more that she has gotten older, she looks prettier to me. I could be wrong and all, after all I'm not a guy.

According to reports from Bang Media and All Headline News: She actually has very few mirrors in her house. She's even considered getting plastic surgery to stay looking young forever, however her hubby David Arquette, doesn't agree.

I applaud David for this, he's a true man that loves his wife. Now just to get her to know how beautiful she really is.

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Is Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn engaged?

There have been rumors and we've even seen an engagment ring, but are they engaged? Indeed they are, however it looks like Vince wanted it kept quiet for a tad bit longer. Can ya blame the guy? You want to be able to be the only two in the world happy but for Jen she wants the whole world to know. Ya can't blame her after the way the media was all over her about the way Brad left her. She wants the whole world to know how happy she is and why. This is one couple that'll make heads turn for years to come and will keep popping up in the magazines. The next thing I'm wondering is when we'll get to hear the baby news. I, myself already believe she is pregnant.

Apparently while they were in Paris Vince proposed to Jennifer. I wonder if it was on top of the Eiffel Tower?

As for the wedding date, as far as reports go none have been released yet, however she's already asking her old friends to come. Courtney Cox has been asked to be her Matron of Honor and Brad's mom has been invited. WOW! I bet this just has Angelina Jolie steaming mad.

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Is Angelina Jolie going through Postpartum Depression?

Have you noticed most of the interviews and photos of Anglina Jolie lately? Most of them give her this sad look, could it be that she is going through some mommy blues? We all know it's common and it can be very stressful at times raising children, but here she is actually dealing with two actually under the age of 2. This can't be no picnic either. I know when she first gave birth she wasn't allowing anyone to help her, but in the recent week I've read reports that she's allowing Brad's parents to come help out and she's even hired nannies.

This is a good thing, and only shows she really is human. I may not agree with everything Ang does but I think she is doing the right thing, asking or at least accepting help.

Way to go Girl!

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Kevin Federline tells friends to Shut up..

Okay he doesn't really to tell them to shut up, but he does tell them that he doesn't want to hear any negative gossip from the rags about him or his wife. Can ya really blame him? Come on, with all the negative publicity that comes out about Britney Spears it's a wonder they haven't split up already.

I'm proud of Kevin, it's about time. It makes ya see that he really wants to get this marriage to work out. Kick out the negative air and breathe in the positive and for those that aren't...stay near the curb. :) WOo hoo!

He makes a reference to the tabloids just being like high school, which in a lot of ways it is. Just another way to add drama to everyone's lives, especially a celebrity, for the rest of us it may be entertaining but not the person it is happening too.

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Bruce Willis wouldn't Mind More Kids

Bruce Willis recently told a Britain paper that he wouldn't mind having more kids, if it were possible at his age. He wasn't sure if he'd get re-married but he didn't mind the idea of more kids.

Currently he has three teenage daughters, I'm pretty sure Bruce wouldn't mind having a little boy to carry on his name.

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Madonna wants to Adopt Kids

It appears that Madonna now wants to adopt a child. Is this becoming a trend among the famous? Whatever the case may be Guy and Madonna want to add a third child to their family, by means of adoption this time. The wonderful news, they are adopting a child from the United States!

They've already begun the adtoption process but don't want to complete it until Madonna is finished with her tour. Which is just the way it should be.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Paris Hilton wants lots of Little Kids!

credit: CelebrityBabyBlog

It appears Paris Hilton has announced to the world that she wants kids. Why does she want kids? So she can name them after all of her favorite places in the world: Paris, London and maybe even China, however that last one depends since she knows so many as it is. The only problem...she hasn't found the right man to produce with. I had wondered when she would get the baby fever. It's hard when everyone around you is popping out babies and you are the only one not doing it. Hopefully she doesn't get near a newborn anytime soon, the smell is so intoxicating she'll fall madly in love and have to have one right away.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt meets Kingston Rossdale...

On Sunday the two famous couples met up, so their tiny infants could get aquainted with one another. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was introduced to Kingston Rossdale I'm not sure how much play time actually happened. My guess, it was more for the parents to meet up and talk, right? I remember doing this a lot after I had my first baby. However, I'm not sure if this is a Hollywood thing or not. Maybe they are preparing their new babies to meet their future husband/wives.

The daddies and Maddox were actually out jet skiing as the moms lounged around the pool and went for a walk. Sounds like a fun time to spend the evening to me. :)

May they have many more fun playdates for these two little ones.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hell's Kitchen Cooking up some TV time...

Have you seen the latest in reality shows? Well, it's more on the lines of a cooking show and lets see who can cook up the best dish. Man, wouldn't it be nice to be the taste tester on one of these shows?

If you haven't seen the show yet here's the scoop. Every week there is a group of chefs that must compete against each other for the best dish. Whichever one wins will be posted on their site for the whole world to see. So you thinking of trying something new? Cook up something that is the best and tops. After all why try hurting yourself trying to think of something to make when you can go to and check out the recipes already there.

While you are there read about all the different people that are in the race to become the best chef. Who do you want to win the ultimate prize?

Currently, you can learn how to make a mouth watering, lobster spaghetti. Doesn't that sound delicious? What are you waiting for? Head over there and get the scoop, maybe you'll get hooked and have to stay tuned to the program, I know I have to now.

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