Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madonna's adopted son's father begs her to keep him....

after all the publicity lately you'd think this guy wanted his child back, but now he is begging her to keep the little boy. I guess he started realizing that Madonna is actually the better choice for his son. After all, he was dropped off in an orphanage and even had a bad case of pneumonia when Madonna found him. Now he's looking better and Madonna says he still has a little bit of it left but you can tell she cares for him.

Rumor has it she spent a fortune on Baby David's winter wardrobe. Who wouldn't after what that little guy has already been through.

David's father is currently sending a plea out to Madonna, "My message to Madonna is that she should not be discouraged, be strong. As we agreed and we expect that after three to four years the child shall come back for us to see him." <--This comes from

Madonna have fun with little guy, he deserves it.

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TMZ reveals Britney Spears had a son....

Yes, it is true Britney Spears had a baby boy, however we were led to believe his name was Sutton Pierce, but his real name is....Jayden James.

How was this discovered one may ask? Simple, the website got a little suspicious and started looking into it. They found the birth records through the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's office and publicized it on their website. After that, the whole world knew and finally they admitted to it.

So, I guess that's the actual news we were waiting to hear at the end of the month when Kevin Federline released his newest CD.

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Madonna Goes to Oprah....

First of all Madonna didn't even realized she'd upset anyone when she went over to adopt Baby David. She only found out once she went back home and entered the airport to be greeted by hundreds of news crews and reporters. During the interview with Oprah, Madonna told the story of how she came about finding Baby David.

Madonna and Guy had planned on adopting two years ago, just they had no clue where they would go about it. In fact they even began the procedures in California to adopt, but during some footage that Madonna was working on she saw Little David and quickly became attached. She had no clue of his health, only that those little eyes wanted her. Once she arrived at Malawi she found out the infant had been by himself in the orphange since he was two years old. It took a bit of time to locate his biological father, which was a must in order for the adoption to go through. Madonna was able to talk with him and ask him for permission, at this time he had agreed, explaining he'd always hoped by putting his son up for adoption he'd have a better life.

However, it would only be a matter of days before he changed his mind. Madonna believes the media is what changed his mind. Which I do too. She explains how she isn't mad, but disappointed and hopes that this doesn't change the minds of those that may have considered adopting. This was a very heartfelt interview, with a new mom that is just trying to make one child have a happier life than he would've in an orphange.

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have set a date

Well we all knew the wedding was coming especially after Katie's trip to Italy. However, no one knew just when and now Tom and Katie have both admitted the wedding will be November 18th, somewhere in Italy.

Armani has come forward and announced that they will be doing both Tom's and Katie's outfits for the weddings. There will also be thousands of dollars in flowers throughout the entire place.

Guests will include: Will and Jada Smith, The Beckhams, except I believe I just read a report that David won't be able to make it, John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Jamie Foxx. I'm not sure if Kidman will be there but I think they may at least invite her, after all didn't she invite them to her wedding. One other guest, or maybe she'll actually be in the wedding is the beautiful Suri Cruise.

May this family have the happily ever after they are after.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Keith Urban Enters Rehab...

I say an applause goes out to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, it's hard enough to admit one has a problem but to actually get help is another. Way to go Keith. It appears that Keith has a few demons to deal with and when Nicole figured it out she told him he either needed to get in a program or she was leaving him. He chose to stay with Nicole and get help.

Nicole has confided in close family and friends about the situation and all are her support system during this time, even Tom Cruise called to tell her he would be there if she needed him.

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Madonna's back in the News...

Okay, Madonna hasn't left the news since she adopted her newest little boy. At first, everyone heard from the little boy's biological father about how Madonna was the best for his son.

A bit of history on this little boy, when he was a week old his mother died, they had two other children that had died of malaria. His father decided to put him in the orphanage because they could take care of him better than he could. "I was alone with a baby. I had no money. I couldn't buy him milk. That's why I surrendered him to the orphanage," said Banda, the boy's biological father.

Banda, spoke out against even the human rights activists, "Where were these people when David was struggling in the orphanage? These so-called human rights groups should leave my baby alone."

He then admitted he was okay with Madonna adopting his sone, "As father I have okayed this, I have no problem. The village has no problem. Who are they to cause trouble? Please let them stop." If the father agrees with it why can't we? Let her have the little boy, the father wants him to have a better home.

"Orphanage life is no good. We leave kids there because we can't look after them properly ourselves. Now my son has been taken by a kindhearted woman, these people want to bring him back to the orphanage." Once again, he states his son would be better off living with someone that would care for him. So, why is all this strange? Only days after he said this he took back everything he said. I wonder if someone isn't paying him or as some say, maybe he wanted her to take him away as well as his kid. The world will never really know. But here is his newest statement. You be the judge.
First he claims he never realized that adoption would be for good, only temporary. He believed that after Madonna and Guy Richie educated his son and take care of him, that he would then be returned back to his father. What did he think this was a foreign exchange program? Or maybe after high school he'd want his son back, maybe his son would want to stay in a different country at that point. It wouldn't even be up to Madonna anymore, it would be up to his kid. Not sure how long their education goes but in America we like our children to complete 12th grade.

Another claim he is making is he couldn't read and that everyone made him believe it was okay. I do think he really did understand and either wants more money, money period if wasn't given it in the first place or someone has made him feel guilty.

So what do you think?

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bruce Willis Gets a star

Bruce Willis was honored this past Monday with his very own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. He comments how he use to wonder what it took to actually get a star as he'd walk down the lane. He doesn't have to wonder no more now.

Attending the ceremony with him were his mother and three daughters also attending was his ex-wife, Demi Moore and her husband and many of their friends.

I'm not even sure what it takes to get on there but my guess is MANY hit movies. Congratulations Bruce!!

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Nicole makes a Surprising call to Katie Holmes

Nicole Kidman recently surprised soon-to-be-married, Katie Holmes with a phone call. Not to worry, it was a friendly chat, in which Nicole encouraged Katie to go through with the marriage and explained what a good husband Tom had been during their 10 year marriage.

Maybe it was because her children told her how much they wanted their dad to marry her, that she made him happy, which in turn made them happy. What mom wouldn't want her kids happy? Or maybe it was because she knew what it was like to have pre-wedding jitters. She knows how the photogs are and how it was when she was married to Tom, only she could tell Katie what he is really like.

I don't know if the call had much weight, but the wedding is suppose to be happening in November and I hear she has her dress.

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Katie Holmes IS getting married...(and much more)

First thing I must say is Katie Holmes looks great. She's worked her butt off to get in shape for this wedding. Wow, talk about will power. I hope Tom's been following all this. This girl must really love him to do that, of course I'm really hoping it's because she just wants to look GOOD.

Katie Holmes spent a little time alone in Paris with a good friend, Victoria Beckham. Together the two shopped, ate, went to fashion shows together and shopped some more. During this time Katie picked out gorgeous outfits for little Suri Cruise and sported some cute outfits of her own.

I'm no fashion expert but for some reason this outfit looks strange to me. Does anyone know if this is the style in Paris?

Now for all those that really doubt the pair are getting hitched, Katie Holmes bought a wedding dress. I'm not 100% sure what it is as there are two different rumors, one is she'll be in a Chanel dress and another says it will be a Karl Lagerfeld design, either way I think it'll be gorgeous. I've always loved her style of clothing, except maybe that one dress in Paris.

After spending time with Victoria, Katie headed towards Italy and scoped out some places for a wedding. Or maybe to buy, I have heard the couple bought a house in Italy already. I wonder if it is to get away from all the publicity.

Will her parents be there? Well rumor has it that the mayor is actually doing the wedding and it won't be a religious ceremony. Not Catholic or Scientology, so I don't see why her parents couldn't come.

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Madonna adopts a little boy and Sends out a Press Statement

Last week the world found out that Madonna was adopting a child. At first it was a huge fight because, as many of us heard Angelina Jolie was stopping the adoption. Madonna had received an order that she could not continue with the adoption. I must admit this tore at me, why stop it? Wasn't Angelina's intentions on letting the world know about these children so others would want to help and adopt them? I doubt she'll adopt them all.

Now it appears critics are saying her adoption wasn't right. That she'd somehow not followed the rules. She'd been out there for a week with the child and even got the permission of Little David's dad.

Madonna has issued a statment to all her critics:

"My husband and I began the adoption process many months prior to our trip to Malawi. I did not wish to disclose my intentions to the world prior to the adoption happening as this is a private family matter. After learning that there were over one million orphans in Malawi, it was my wish to open up our home and help one child escape an extreme life of hardship, poverty and in many cases death, as well as expand our family.

Nevertheless, we have gone about the adoption procedure according to the law like anyone else who adopts a child. Reports to the contrary are totally inaccurate. The procedure includes an 18-month evaluation period after which time we hope to make this adoption permanent. This was not a decision or commitment that my family or I take lightly.

I am overwhelmed and inspired by my trip to Malawi and hope that it helps bring attention to how much more the world needs to do to help the children of Africa.

My heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes I have received and I hope the press will allow my family some room for us to experience the joy we feel to have David home.

Madonna Ritchie
October 17, 2006
London, England"

Coming soon, the biological father speaks out...You won't want to miss this.

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Britney son's REAL name isn't Sutton Pierce

that's right folks, the jokes on us..we only thought we knew what her son's real name was and it wasn't Sutton Pierce. I've read several reports online that Britney and Kevin's son is actually named Jayden James, nicknamed J.J. However, I'm not sure I'll believe anything on this matter until the two officially come out and say it. If this is really the case I don't find anything funny in letting a rumor like this go around about your own son.

Here is the interview piece where Kevin slips up and makes us all wonder the true name of his child.....From Celebrity Baby Blog. Apparently Britney Spears is waiting until the end of the month to announce some big secret.

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Jen & Vince did not SPLIT up...

That's right, even though this couple were announced to have SPLIT UP over a phone call it seems to NOT be true. Don't you just love have gossip spreads? One minute they are on, another making a baby room, then splitting up because of who really knows what and now Vince Vaughn is supposibly suing some tabloids that said he was caught kissing an unidentified blonde. WOW!

So for those out there that don't want to get sued you better make sure you get the rumor correct. I, stand corrected myself as I posted previously that they had split. Thankfully I wasn't one that mentioned the blonde. Phew!

I can honestly say I don't think this is like their movie, at least I hope not.

To those that thought Jennifer Aniston had a "boob job," it has been stated she did not. In fact, on an Oprah segment Jennifer claims it's just weight.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Katie and Tom deny 2nd Pregnancy Rumors

After appearing slim and trim at a soccer game Katie Holmes was subject to rumors..."Is she pregnant with number 2?" That's right, even though she was slimming down she appeared to have a small pouch in the tummy area. What many didn't think about was how long it sometimes takes to lose that tummy weight.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have both come forward and stated that they are NOT pregnant.

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Jen and Vince SPLIT

After many rumors that this couple were broke up, getting married or just getting back together it has been confirmed. They are SPLIT and that's final. Rumors are swarming and one that I found was Vince wanted to adopt a child from another country but Jen wasn't sure she was ready for that commitment and only wanted a dog.

Another rumor has it that Vince couldn't stand how much attention Jen needed. But the biggest rumor of all is that now Jen and Brad could get back together. I'm not too sure Angelina will allow that last part.

As for the breakup, Vince did it over the phone. Talk about cold.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tori Spelling IS pregnant!

That's right even after confirmed reports that she WAS NOT pregnant she has finally came out and said she is. Maybe she didn't want anyone saying she got pregnant too soon or she was scared of jinxing it. Now to wait and hear if it will be a boy or girl.

Congratulations Tori!!

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"Suri's NOT Mine!" Claims Chris Klein

After Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes released the pictures of Suri, specualtion rose. Many wondered why Tom had waited so long. Nothing looked wrong with Suri, she was rather cute. Suddenly rumors spread, maybe she was Chris Klein's daughter. Many started seeing a resemblence between the two.

Chris Klein has reported that, "Suri is not mine!" Apparently after the pictures this poor guy couldn't get his phone to stop ringing, let alone having reporters following him everywhere to get the scoop.

So, there ya have it. Suri is NOT Chris' daughter.

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Brad Pitt wants to Hire Beckham

No, not for Angelina but for their son, Maddox. That's right, this little 5 year old may get to learn from one of the best. That is if his daddy can persuade Beckham to do it. One can only wonder how much it might cost to hire someone like Beckham to teach a 5 year old. I think I'd be a bit scared to see that bill. But then again, they've got the money.

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