Friday, September 03, 2010

Kate Hudson: Back in the States to take Ryder to School

41367, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tueday June 8 2010. Kate Hudson rides a scooter with her son Ryder in New York. Kate is currently working on the movie Something Borrowed in New York. Photographer:   Castro,

It seems that Kate Hudson had a relaxing but fun summer this year. She spent a good majority of that with her son Ryder and boyfriend, Matt Bellamy. Matt has been on tour with his band all over London and Kate followed him around. According to magazines Kate is actually happy hanging out at the moment and not jumping into any other movie roles for a while. I loved seeing the pictures of Kate riding around town with her darling little boy Ryder. Most moms would never dare to ride a scooter.

41458, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday June 10, 2010. Kate Hudson rides on son Ryder's scooter as the mother-son duo spend time together while out in NYC. Hudson, keeping it casual in khaki capris, wedge heels, and a striped button up holds onto Ryder's Razor scooter as the two walk hand-in-hand later. Photograph:

Rumor Alert: Britney Spears & Jamie Lynn Spears to Duo Wedding

The rumor according to all the Gossip Magazines in the stores are Britney and her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears are to be having their weddings together on the same day. But if you go with what People Magazine is reporting today that isn't happening.
44190, MAUI, HAWAII - Monday August 30 2010. Britney Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick continue their Hawaiian vacation as they enjoyed breakfast together on the balcony of their luxury hotel suite. The loved-up couple looked very happy and relaxed as they watched the sun rise in Maui. Photograph: Breeden, Binns,

People: ...soaking up the sun with boyfriend Jason Trawick during their recent Hawaiian getaway, the pop star toured a wedding chapel at Maui's Grand Wailea resort on Thursday and, two days later, teared up while watching a wedding below their hotel room balcony.

As you can see, this happy couple don't want to make any comment on the future and it seems to be friends or people that know them that are talking. Which just shows me that even if the rumor were true we'd never know until the wedding day. Course in the meantime Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge seems to be reconnecting, of course this could be for the sake of their little girl or maybe a little time away did the two some good. Who knows? One thing is for certain, Maddie is a little cutie in her pigtails.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jamie Lynn Spears Back with Casey Aldridge?

(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge  *EXCLUSIVE* (Photo by Todd Williamson/WireImage for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS) Rumor has it that Jamie Lynn Spears, little sister to Britney Spears, is getting back together with her baby daddy, Casey Aldridge. Is this true? No one knows for sure, but one thing everyone is asking is "Why?" Casey and Jamie were spotted at a Lady Gaga Concert earlier this week. Some believe they are trying to make it work out one last time for the sake of their little girl. What's your opinion? Could this couple forgive and forget? I think it's possible.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Who's your Favorite Celebrity?

I'm curious to know who your favorite celebrity is? It doesn't matter if you just love reading all the bad about them or love hearing the latest gossip about someone. I want to know.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Chelsea Clinton got Married

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky are shown during their wedding on Saturday, July 31, 2010 in Rhinebeck, New York. Chelsea wed her longtime boyfriend at a Beaux Arts riverside estate called Astor Courts. Photo released by President Clinton's office. (One Time Editorial Use Only) UPI/Genevieve de Manio/HO Photo via Newscom

It seems that over the weekend the 42nd President, Bill Clinton's Daughter, Chelsea got married. Chelsea who was once dubbed as "the ugly duckling" has definitely turned into a beautiful swan princess. The 30 year old bride was all decked out in a Vera Wang gown with beaded belt and looking very happy as her father walked her down the aisle. There were a few oops moments, like when the minister forgot his place and she had to remind him of the next line. I'm sure it got a few chuckles.

As you can see, this is one couple that is really in love. The pair have been together for many years, they met in 1993 but didn't get serious until 2005. They share an apartment and a tiny dog in New York, where I'm sure Hilary is hoping they will have a little baby running around in the years to come.

Chelsea wore her hair pulled back and long veil, Marc Mezvinsky wore a Burberry tux with a Yarmulke. The pair actually had two ceremonies since Marc's family is Jewish and Chelsea's are Methodist. All of this was done on July 31, 2010 in front of 400 family and friends. Congratulations to the happy couple, may you share many happy memories together for years to come.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kate Hudson's son, Ryder Robinson got his Hair Cut

Ryder Robinson was spotted without his really long locks this week and I must say he does look like a cute little boy. Now no one can mistake him as a girl. This style is much better for him and the warm weather. I wonder what finally got them to chop his hair?

 IMG: People/Bauer-Griffin; GSI Media

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's 'Stuck'

I'm not sure if I like the new song or not? Do you like it? This is just part of her new album, it is not clear if she will just release this song (Stuck) or an entire album.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jamie Lynn Spears Sighting

It isn't very often that the paparazzi get a snap of young Jamie Lynn Spears or her darling little girl, but this time someone snagged a photo as she was headed back to the airport after visiting with family.  Rumor has it Jamie is moving back to LA (Los Angeles) in the hopes of kick-starting her career once again. I think she could pull it off, depending on what type of interest she has.
Jamie Lynn Spears Heads Home With Her Daughter
Jamie is seen going through the diaper bag (probably looking for the tickets)as her father is saying his goodbyes to his precious granddaughter.  If it is true that Jamie is moving in with Britney there is another rumor that it was all orchestrated by the mum. Why? She hates Jamie's new man due to the 10 year age difference. Umm, would she rather Jamie be with Casey?

According to the National Enquirer:

"Lynne is very unhappy about Jamie Lynne's relationship with James. She thinks he's too old for Jamie Lynn and has nothing to offer her," the source told The ENQUIRER. 
"Lynne wants to see her daughter get back into show business."

Jamie Lynn Spears Heads Home With Her Daughter
Isn't she a cutie?


Lindsay Lohan's White Powder

Lindsay Lohan heads to a friend's house with a LOT of white powder puffing out of her shoes
Wow, the minute this girl does anything out of the ordinary someone is sure to catch it. Recently Lohan was spotted coming out of the "party house" (where she fell into the cactus) with tons of white powder all over her feet. Now some would immediately jump to the conclusion that it was a bad case of drugs. I, on the other hand think I know what she was doing.

Lindsay was spotted with the white powder on her feet and all over her shoes. Shoes being the case, which were made of leather. Leather, for those that don't know can be hard to get on. Slipping a little baby powder in the shoes can help them slide right on, and not hurt as much. If one looks close enough you'll notice that the shoe is barely worn so it goes with believing them to be brand new or close to being brand new.
Lindsay Lohan heads to a friend's house with a LOT of white powder puffing out of her shoes
So do you still believe it is drugs?

Lindsay Lohan Fell into a Cactus

It's tripsy Lohan! Lindsay Lohan heads to a house party and falls into a cactus bush. Ouch!
I've been reading all over the place that Lindsay Lohan is back on the drugs. Course this all stemmed from two recent incidents, which I believe both could be easily explained away.

#1 She came out of a house and fell into a cactus. Everyone is saying she was so drunk that she fell right into it. Hmmm, I guess people forget how many flashing lights from the cameras were probably right in her face and after looking after photos it seems that they crowded her. You tell me: (I'll post the next one in a minute)
Lindsay Lohan gets a police escort to her vehicle as she leaves a house party at approx 05.30am

It's tripsy Lohan! Lindsay Lohan heads to a house party and falls into a cactus bush. Ouch!

It's tripsy Lohan! Lindsay Lohan heads to a house party and falls into a cactus bush. Ouch!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spencer Pratt Gets Tongue Stitches

Spencer Pratt was playing with his new puppy when suddenly it bit him. But where did it bite him? His tongue and don't ask why. According to what Spencer told People, they were just playing tug of war with the pup, Rainbow's, new dog toys.
Spencer Pratt is a Guru?

"[We] were just playing with one his new toys and the rope slipped out of my mouth when Rainbow tugged."
Apparently Spencer bit his own tongue when the rope came out and his mouth closed shut real fast. OUCH! source

Monday, March 01, 2010

Britney Spears Shops the Bargain Prices

Britney Spears Gets a Deal at The Dollar Book Store!
This is a girl that has a lot of cash, yet she's smart with her money. Over the weekend Britney Spears was seen shopping at a Dollar Book Store where she purchased quite a number of books. My guess is these are for her little boys, as we all know sometimes it is best to get cheaper books while they are little. Or maybe she plans on having some birthday parties and giving books out as a gift, there's no telling. Either way it proves that she knows how to save money. By the way, she also went back to being a blonde. What do you think of the new look?

Is Simon Cowell Engaged?

Simon Cowell and finacee Mezhgan Hussainy dine out with friends at the exclusive Cecconi's restaurant in West Hollywood
Many are asking did Simon Cowell actually pop the big question? Is he in fact engaged or not? Now Simon's camp at first stated this was not true and that it was all a big rumor but after catching Mezhgan Hussainy in town fans caught sight of a gorgeous ring on that finger that announces to the world that you are engaged. Course now his camp is stating Simon doesn't talk about his private life. Do you think they are just trying to keep it hush hush so they can enjoy thsi a bit? It wouldn't be the first time a celebrity did this. Below you'll find a picture from Picapp that shows a pretty ring on her finger. Comment below telling me if you believe they are engaged?
Simon Cowell and finacee Mezhgan Hussainy dine out with friends at the exclusive Cecconi's restaurant in West Hollywood

Brad Pitt and Family in Venice

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt leaving their apartment in Venice with daughter Zahara
Brad Pitt has showed his beautiful face, minus the beard (well I wish he were minus that), and family down in Venice Italy. Currently Angelina Jolie is filming for a new upcoming movie called, "Tourist." Many have been snapping pictures for the past week, especially when they not only spotted Angelina and Brad together, holding hands and even kissing ...dispite rumors that the two were splitting up, but they saw Jon Voight hanging out with them for a day. During this same event fans also go to see the twins, Viviene and Knox out with the family. It isn't very often anyone sees a picture of the twins.

Brad Pitt carries daughter Shiloh as they leave apartment in Venice

But then fans began noticing another child, which everyone thought to be Knox because the hair was shorter. Instead this child, which would've been too big to be Knox was Shiloh. Brad has admitted while during a tv talk show (for the life of me I can't recall which one) that Shiloh likes to be pretend to be a boy named Johnny and insists the family call her that inside the house. Now with the new haircut many are beginning to wonder if Shiloh really believes herself to be a boy.

What are your thoughts on Shiloh's hair? Or maybe your thoughts on Brad and Angelina splitting up?