Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Suri Cruise is born...

Actually she was born last month on the same day that baby Grear was born. That's right, Tom Cruise's baby and Brooke Shield's baby were actually born on the exact same day, in the same hospital, right down the hall from each other.

Suri Cruise was born Tuesday, April 18th. She had a full head of hair and bright blue eyes, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 20 inches long. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes both claim "Suri" stands for Princess, which is perfect for this little girl. Katie was allowed to make any noise but from my understandings she was quiet and did end up getting an epideral. On their drive home they used two different cars to confuse the media, which worked.

There were no twins and Tom did not eat the placenta, but he was there. Many had wondered if he'd leave Katie in her time of need to go off for his promotional tour of MI3. He did end up flying to Germany around the first of April but insisted Katie told him to go and he had pilots waiting by in case he got the call. Granted there would've been no way of making that birth. In the days leading up to Suri's birth Tom was seen flying in his airplane that is signed, "Kiss Me Katie."

The Ellen Show invited Tom Cruise on it for a special "Mother's Day" theme, where she presented him with a gift. It was a beautiful custom made stroller in the shape of an airplane. On the side was signed "Suri Cruise" it was all pink and white, the writing was silver. Tom was so excited about it, that he kept saying "Thank you" and kissing Ellen. Ellen also handed Tom Cruise a lovely pink satin pilot suit for Suri Cruise to where when she's in the little airplane. Ellen has been known to give very generous gifts in the past and she just keeps on giving.

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