Monday, April 10, 2006

Still no Cruise-Holmes Baby!

That's right, another weekend has passed and there is no news on Katie Holmes giving birth. How long will this wee one make her/his momma wait? We all know that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes must be biting their nails in the waiting time, if we could only be a fly on the wall in that home right now.
Last week, we saw Katie Holmes out once again shopping. Could this be a case of the "Nesting" we hear about when we are pregnant. My question is, where's Tom Cruise? Shouldn't he be out and about with his VERY pregnant fiance, Katie Holmes? What if she goes into labor while she's out their walking around in the stores? Man, that was my biggest fear. What if the water breaks? Akkkk. Could you imagine the horror? We all know the media follows her everywhere, I'm sure that would be caught on film by someone.

Look at the first photo. Doesn't it look like Katie Holmes' tummy is too high to be going into labor any day? I'm beginning to wonder if the date wasn't off. Maybe she really isn't due until the end of the month but they are saying beginning "any day" because she's as big as she is.

When looking at the second picture you may speculate and say she's shopping for pink. But this doesn't necessarily mean the baby is a girl does it? Katie Holmes could be doing a number of different things, this could even be a thank you letter or just stationary to write friends.

Several online blogs say that Katie Holmes' parents are in California awaiting the birth of their grandchild. Woo hoo to her parents. ;) I also hear it's driving Tom Cruise nuts. :) Doesn't he know that the in-laws are suppose to do that?

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