Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Britney Spears' For the Record

Were you lucky enough to watch the Britney Spears documentary? So far I'm hearing both good and bad reviews on the For the Record, I know TMZ just thought it was a load of the norm. I mean we had hoped to hear more about what was going on in her life when she went to the psych ward. But that part seemed to get skipped over, maybe they are afraid she can't talk about it yet.

Some believe the "tell-all" was simply a way to get a little bit more press for her newest CD release, "Circus." Which I think it worked, she even went down to England and is now back in the states.

She talks about marrying for the wrong reasons, how she gets her therapy through dancing and she even does a bit on her father. I can totally see him being the way she describes. Britney talks about how much her fame has made it incredibly hard to be like most celebs and be able to go out and just have fun with her boys. Instead they are locked up because going out is a Circus.

Has watching the video helped you understand her more? Do you like her more now that you've seen this? I know it really makes her a bit more human to me.

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