Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Debra Messing Hurt By Tabloids

Debra Messing is talking about her newest movie, "Nothing Like the Holidays" as well as her feelings with the media and how they hurt her. She told the press that she remembers after giving birth to her son, Rowan, back in 04 that the tabloids constantly put her in their magazines talking about how she hadn't lost the weight yet. She says she got very depressed and deeply frustrated, but eventually she got her pre-baby figure back by eating healthier.

She adds, "I was exhausted! I couldn't work out three hours a day and do my job as a mother and an actress. So I took the pressure off. I cut back on seeing the trainer but started eating healthier.

"Ultimately, I'm very proud of how I dropped the weight because I think it was the healthy approach. I've finally taken ownership of my body."

Her new movie, Nothing Like the Holidays, is all about ....
A Puerto Rican family living in the area of Humboldt Park in west Chicago face what may be their last Christmas together.

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