Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jon Gosselin gets Punched by Nancy Grace

The Media Circus Continues To Surround Jon Gosselin at LAX!

Wow, did anyone see that interview between Nancy Grace and Jon Gosselin? Talk about a man looking scared out of his mind. He had no clue what to say to her and all he kept doing was stumbling on his own words.

Q1: Are you an unfit father?
A: Absolutely not, I quit my job to spend every day with my kids. That's why they call me all the time.

Q2: Are you really ready to own up to everything you've done?
A: Absolutely, I've already apologized to Kate and the kids. He also stated that he tried getting Kate to therapy but she refused.

Q3: Do you love Kate? Are you still in love with Kate? Do you love Kate in any sort of way?
A: I will always love her as the mother of my kids. (AS so no he doesn't)

Q4: Did you and Kate have any type of sexual life in the last few years?
A: Yes, back in August of last year. OUCH! He also states that Hailey is the only other person he's been intimate with.

Q5: Why won't you go through with the divorce?
A: I don't want to work with TLC, etc.

Q6: Jon did you take out $230,000?
A: No, I have a bank reciept for $22,000. Hmm, so who is lieing? Kate stated that Jon withdrew $230,000 from the family account.

Nancy jumps back in and her first statement is that Jon and Kate need to go to therapy and stop fighting in front of the kids. Jon agrees and brings it all back to him, he states he knows he was passive, he knows he was an avoider.

Q: Why move to New York and be that far from the kids?
A: I have to think about my career so I can pay for my kids as well.

Later we will see evidence of Kate not being honest about the bank account. Any thoughts?

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