Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Spears Runs over Paps...

It seems that yesterday, was definitely not the day for Britney Spears. First, the judge in her custody case decided to take ALL her visitation rights to her boys away from her. Those poor boys have been through enough, I really hope they are (as many say) too young to remember all of this.

It appears that she either didn't:
- get the parenting classes done
- failed a drug or alcohol test
- Drank 12 hours prior to seeing the boys

What has she done?
- got her license

According to TMZ, Britney forgot to give the drug test facility her correct cell phone number and they've had a hard time scheduling testing dates. Brit, get your act together so you can keep your boys!

In more recent news, Brit was caught coming out of a medical facility yesterday afternoon. As she swished through the photogs she trying covering up her lips, it appeared that they were a bit swollen. Could she have had lip injection? Or maybe she just sucks on her lips when she's really stressed. Who knows, whatever the case is she was so occupied by this that she did not see the photogs foot was under her tire as she proceeded to run it over. When she did noticed she rolled over it and drove away. TMZ took their man to ER and nothing was broken. It sounds that they still love the Pop Princess though, so I guess no harm was done.

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