Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Katie Holmes Escapes Car Fire

Katie Holmes is really SuperGirl and knows just how close she came to danger just last 16677144451press4302009112310AM weekend. She had been filming a scene inside a car for "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and the car exploded in flames just after she had got out a few minutes before. It doesn't seem like this was a planned explosion, so she got very lucky and after the fire was out Katie was seen very shook up but she seemed to be able to go on filming even after this happened. So glad to hear she wasn't hurt during this.

For those that are curious she is being stalked by little evil gnomes and they were bugging her inside the car. However, (not part of the movie) the car battery exploded and the car caught fire. Thankfully they got to it before the whole car went up in flames. The crew removed that battery and went on filming. I am now wondering if this will be added into the movie.

Hopefully the rest of the filming will go off without any more explosions that weren't in the script.

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