Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Katie Holmes moving to Sex in the City?

Katie Holmes with Guy Pearce on location down-under

Is Katie Holmes really moving to "Sex in the City" from "Dawson's Creek"? I guess this would definitely show she's grown up and a woman now instead of some teen girls that so many of us remember. But as far as the role would go I can totally see her fitting the part. These are powerful business women that work in New York, so it wouldn't be a stretch for someone like Katie Holmes to play this part, I mean she is "Cruise's wife." 

The shooting would begin this Fall, which would mean if Katie does take this part or gets it she would go immediately from Australia to New York. I think this would definitely put her back on track for her movie career but is Tom willing to split his time with his wife? I did hear that they really loved the first Sex in the City movie so I think this would be a fun one for her and hope she gets it. I know I'd go see it if she got the part.

Oh the part is:

"The character they want her to play is a really ballsy, high-powered company executive who tangles with Samantha."

What do you think? Would Katie fit into the Sex in the City life?

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