Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Legally Blondes

Uh oh, just when you thought you’d finally put up that Legally Blonde DVD or Mean Girls, another moves into town except this isn’t your average movie. Legally BLONDES, that is with an “s” is coming to ABC Family channel on August 2nd at 8/7 Central.

I’ll look for a youtube version of it, but if not I’ll try keeping you posted as I’m sure my girls will definitely want to see this. The picture in the magazine shows two blonde teen girls with long straight hair, everything is pink. They’ve got pink flats, pink dresses, bracelets, jewelry, sunglasses and even their dog leashes are pink. Once again it looks like the mini dog, the chicawa is back. I’m sure this will be a tale of two girls in a high school and able to drive and such. If you are a “Legally Blonde” fan you can watch the original 1 & 2 at 4pm/3 central on Sunday.

It seems two blonde twins are moving into Hollywood and they are going to change the way the school does things. When one faculty member tries to come down on the girls for the way they dress, errr change their uniforms she tells them the code that states they must wear the uniforms. They reply back with another code stating it doesn't say they can't accessorize said uniform. hehe. Sounds like another Elle Woods on this school's hands. Course this one is double trouble. Were you able to watch it?

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