Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Automated Man

I wonder if any celebrities know about the "Automated Man." I can only imagine how busy a lot of these actors and their wives are these days. I mean you've got them going to press conferences, launches, new releases and of course filming their movies. Half the time their families stay behind while they film, so it doesn't leave much room for them to run to the store during shoots.

Imagine if the wives were able to purchase for only $39.99 a bag full of men's hygiene needs for them. These bags at the automated man come to the house once a month so they'd have enough there to just take a bag as they left. The wives would never have to worry about reading their husband smelled bad during a conference/meeting/etc.

Those young teen actors could get in on this too. Remember when Zac Efron was spotted with a big chunk of wax in his ears? Yuck! I bet his mom wanted to run and hide, well now she can order Zac his own bag at Automated Mom. Hey, we all know mom cares.

Here's a list of some of the items that will appear:

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