Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Sells her out

Talk about "Mean Girls" this one has a "Mean Dad" and it isn't for a movie but real life and no scripts are being wrote for it. It seems Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan is up to his neck in trying to get attention when his daughter isn't stirring up any trouble so what's a guy to do? Right? He decided to record every call she ever made with him and sold it for money. Yep and now it is being broadcast all over the net.

Michael actually gave Radaronline the permission to use his daughter, Lindsay Lohan's desperate call to him. She calls her father and tells him how she is with someone that knows she is always there for them but they are never there for her. You can hear as she reaches out for him and even tells him her own mother says she is like he was. She even goes on to admit she knows no one cares for her that way.

I swear this is one of those tear jerking moments that would make a parent reach out and hug their child, not try pushing them over the edge and broadcasting their intimate moment of a breakdown over the media. Yeah, some parent. I bet it was all over money. So Michael how much did that audio get you?

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