Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Katie Holmes Spends $25,000 a Month on Suri

Suri Cruise holds onto her blanket while out shopping with big sister Isabella Cruise and Mom Katie Holmes
Wow, I know celebrities will spend money when they have it but Katie Holmes actually
spends $25,000 per month on Suri. Now I'm not meaning on Suri, but on just her clothing. I'm not sure what she spends eating out, lattes, toys, shopping for whatever, etc.

I can't even picture spending that type of money per month on clothes. I hope she gets her designer everything. Course I still find that silly since little kids grow out of clothes so quickly. Trying to picture the things she buys for her, here's a short list:

Suri's clothes:
- 2 $1500 dresses from a Beverly Hills boutique
- 1 $5000 cricket-shaped pendant
- 4 Christian Dior dresses
- 1 Ivory Christian Dior coat
- 4 pairs of specially-made Gucci shoes
- $3000 shopping spree at Barneys

Other clothes she gets Suri are well-known designers such as: Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Burberry.

Why does she do it?
"Katie wants Suri to be the most fashionable kid in Hollywood," a source told
Britain's Grazia magazine. "Dressing Suri in amazing outfits has become Katie's
favourite hobby. She will scour the internet and Beverly Hills shops to find
items and get inspiration for different looks."

I guess if all of us were in the spotlight, we'd want our children to look their best too.


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