Monday, March 01, 2010

Brad Pitt and Family in Venice

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt leaving their apartment in Venice with daughter Zahara
Brad Pitt has showed his beautiful face, minus the beard (well I wish he were minus that), and family down in Venice Italy. Currently Angelina Jolie is filming for a new upcoming movie called, "Tourist." Many have been snapping pictures for the past week, especially when they not only spotted Angelina and Brad together, holding hands and even kissing ...dispite rumors that the two were splitting up, but they saw Jon Voight hanging out with them for a day. During this same event fans also go to see the twins, Viviene and Knox out with the family. It isn't very often anyone sees a picture of the twins.

Brad Pitt carries daughter Shiloh as they leave apartment in Venice

But then fans began noticing another child, which everyone thought to be Knox because the hair was shorter. Instead this child, which would've been too big to be Knox was Shiloh. Brad has admitted while during a tv talk show (for the life of me I can't recall which one) that Shiloh likes to be pretend to be a boy named Johnny and insists the family call her that inside the house. Now with the new haircut many are beginning to wonder if Shiloh really believes herself to be a boy.

What are your thoughts on Shiloh's hair? Or maybe your thoughts on Brad and Angelina splitting up?

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