Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jamie Lynn Spears Sighting

It isn't very often that the paparazzi get a snap of young Jamie Lynn Spears or her darling little girl, but this time someone snagged a photo as she was headed back to the airport after visiting with family.  Rumor has it Jamie is moving back to LA (Los Angeles) in the hopes of kick-starting her career once again. I think she could pull it off, depending on what type of interest she has.
Jamie Lynn Spears Heads Home With Her Daughter
Jamie is seen going through the diaper bag (probably looking for the tickets)as her father is saying his goodbyes to his precious granddaughter.  If it is true that Jamie is moving in with Britney there is another rumor that it was all orchestrated by the mum. Why? She hates Jamie's new man due to the 10 year age difference. Umm, would she rather Jamie be with Casey?

According to the National Enquirer:

"Lynne is very unhappy about Jamie Lynne's relationship with James. She thinks he's too old for Jamie Lynn and has nothing to offer her," the source told The ENQUIRER. 
"Lynne wants to see her daughter get back into show business."

Jamie Lynn Spears Heads Home With Her Daughter
Isn't she a cutie?


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