Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kevin Federline Fights Back

Kevin Federline is sick and tired of seeing shots of Britney Spears with her new boy toys, getting into fender benders or a fight in the street. He's wants those boys OUTTA THERE! Can ya blame him?

According to TMZ and DailyMail, he has filed with the courts asking for more custody. He now wants primary, physical custody. I'm sure this will have Brit's hair stand on end. I sure hope he'll get it, and he will if he's got a good judge.

Britney's Mess
Sources stated Brit might be pregnant again
Britney Spears smashes a parked car
Britney's body guard gets into a scuffle and hurts Sean
Brit going nuts and shaving her hair
Taking an umbrella to the car
Screaming at paps when she pulls her car over with kids inside
ruins clothes at photoshoot

Need I go on?


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