Monday, August 06, 2007

Madonna may Lose David

Even after having David for the past 6 months Malawi may decide to make him go back home. Why? Because the person that was assessing Madonna and Little David accepted funds, which compromised his opinion and since Malawi doesn't have money they can't send people over to assess Madonna.

According to DailyMail:
Last week Mr Kilembe claimed that social services in povertystricken Malawi did not have enough cash to pay for two visits planned to see David in Britain.

If the country is so povertystriken, why not let little David stay somewhere that someone will be able to provide for him. Focus more on those that don't have homes, instead of the one child that has a home to a celebrity.

So, unless they can come out within the next few months, Madonna may have to send Little David back.

"We have been unable to travel because of logistical problems," Mr Kilembe said on Friday. "It requires some resources for me to travel."

But if Madonna did try to solve the problem by funding his visits, she risks being accused of hoping to secure a favourable report.


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