Friday, August 03, 2007

What is Promises Rehab Really Doing?

We've all heard of the famous drug rehab center called, "Promises." It's the place where some very high profiling celebrities go, and so does the media when it happens. So why is it this place doesn't seem to be working? I mean you've got Britney Spears who checks in and comes and goes as she pleases, in the end she says it was all bogus. Next up, we see Lindsay Lohan enter and exit any time she wants, sure she's got her babysitter wtih her but what good is that.

Now we hear that both had boyfriends while doing their stint in rehab. Hmm, something doesn't look right there. To top it off, Lindsay obviously didn't do well there as she recently got in trouble for....DUI....again.

According to Pet Star:

"He was a married guy from the Midwest with a nice body. He was having fun with Lindsay. She called him her ‘rehab boyfriend.’ They would fool around all the time. And they weren’t just kissing. He was in her room often.”

Maybe if they take out the "boyfriends" these girls may actually have a chance.


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