Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lindsay Lohan in Rehab or Camp?

Many have been asking is the Celebrity Rehab centers rehab or camp? I'm not entirely sure yet, it seems that the latest few that have went into rehab come out worse than they were before.

For instance, Lindsay originally got into trouble when she hit a curb and cut up grass. Okay, she goes into rehab and comes out only to end up drinking again and this time stealing a car while chasing someone down. Lets not forget she stole the car with people in it. Ummm, this isn't the type of thing that should happen AFTER rehab. But it is only 30 days.

Now if you think about it when someone goes in for rehab don't they normally stay inside the walls the entire time? At celebrity rehabs you'll catch most celebrities out hitting beaches, or recently it was reported that Lindsay got a tan at a Salon. Ummm, to me that isn't rehab when you can come and go as ya please. YES, they do walk around with someone but come on.

Here are a few pictures of Lindsay visiting a supermarket.

Photo Source: Celebutopia

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