Thursday, October 26, 2006

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have set a date

Well we all knew the wedding was coming especially after Katie's trip to Italy. However, no one knew just when and now Tom and Katie have both admitted the wedding will be November 18th, somewhere in Italy.

Armani has come forward and announced that they will be doing both Tom's and Katie's outfits for the weddings. There will also be thousands of dollars in flowers throughout the entire place.

Guests will include: Will and Jada Smith, The Beckhams, except I believe I just read a report that David won't be able to make it, John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Jamie Foxx. I'm not sure if Kidman will be there but I think they may at least invite her, after all didn't she invite them to her wedding. One other guest, or maybe she'll actually be in the wedding is the beautiful Suri Cruise.

May this family have the happily ever after they are after.

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