Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Katie Holmes IS getting married...(and much more)

First thing I must say is Katie Holmes looks great. She's worked her butt off to get in shape for this wedding. Wow, talk about will power. I hope Tom's been following all this. This girl must really love him to do that, of course I'm really hoping it's because she just wants to look GOOD.

Katie Holmes spent a little time alone in Paris with a good friend, Victoria Beckham. Together the two shopped, ate, went to fashion shows together and shopped some more. During this time Katie picked out gorgeous outfits for little Suri Cruise and sported some cute outfits of her own.

I'm no fashion expert but for some reason this outfit looks strange to me. Does anyone know if this is the style in Paris?

Now for all those that really doubt the pair are getting hitched, Katie Holmes bought a wedding dress. I'm not 100% sure what it is as there are two different rumors, one is she'll be in a Chanel dress and another says it will be a Karl Lagerfeld design, either way I think it'll be gorgeous. I've always loved her style of clothing, except maybe that one dress in Paris.

After spending time with Victoria, Katie headed towards Italy and scoped out some places for a wedding. Or maybe to buy, I have heard the couple bought a house in Italy already. I wonder if it is to get away from all the publicity.

Will her parents be there? Well rumor has it that the mayor is actually doing the wedding and it won't be a religious ceremony. Not Catholic or Scientology, so I don't see why her parents couldn't come.

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