Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madonna's adopted son's father begs her to keep him....

after all the publicity lately you'd think this guy wanted his child back, but now he is begging her to keep the little boy. I guess he started realizing that Madonna is actually the better choice for his son. After all, he was dropped off in an orphanage and even had a bad case of pneumonia when Madonna found him. Now he's looking better and Madonna says he still has a little bit of it left but you can tell she cares for him.

Rumor has it she spent a fortune on Baby David's winter wardrobe. Who wouldn't after what that little guy has already been through.

David's father is currently sending a plea out to Madonna, "My message to Madonna is that she should not be discouraged, be strong. As we agreed and we expect that after three to four years the child shall come back for us to see him." <--This comes from

Madonna have fun with little guy, he deserves it.

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