Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nicole makes a Surprising call to Katie Holmes

Nicole Kidman recently surprised soon-to-be-married, Katie Holmes with a phone call. Not to worry, it was a friendly chat, in which Nicole encouraged Katie to go through with the marriage and explained what a good husband Tom had been during their 10 year marriage.

Maybe it was because her children told her how much they wanted their dad to marry her, that she made him happy, which in turn made them happy. What mom wouldn't want her kids happy? Or maybe it was because she knew what it was like to have pre-wedding jitters. She knows how the photogs are and how it was when she was married to Tom, only she could tell Katie what he is really like.

I don't know if the call had much weight, but the wedding is suppose to be happening in November and I hear she has her dress.

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