Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trouble in Paradise for Reese Witherspoon...

The couple no one thought would break up.

Not only did Reese recently find out her husband had been cheating on her openly in public but that they never signed a prenup. This is surprising because most actors/actresses get a prenup before getting married, heck now days they get them just to live together. But Reese trusted her man and got burned by it.

Between the two stars, Reese is definitely the bread winner. She makes about $20 Million per movie, whereas Ryan Phillippe makes $2.5 Million. Due to living in California when a marriage fails it is 50/50, so looks like Reese will be paying her husband alimony this time.

Will this end in badly? Or will it stay peaceful for the sake of the two children? Who will get to keep the kids?

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