Wednesday, December 06, 2006

George Clooney, left Heartbroken...

Earlier this week George Clooney announced that his faithful pig, Max passed away. Losing a pet is always hard on those that loved it the most and I must say this was George's best friend. George was known to take Max, a pot-bellied pig, just about everywhere with him, even his dressing room.

I remember seeing pictures of George and his tiny little black pig, I always wanted one. Believe it or not pot-bellied pigs are known to live 25 years, he must have lived a grand life with George.

Before you ask, Max actually died of old age even though he suffered from arthritis and partial blindness. This little piggie lived for 18 years. George Clooney has already stated that even though he loved that pig, he does not plan on replacing it.

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