Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Prison Break Actor May be Headed for Prison

Lane Garrison, the actor that played Tweener from "Prison Break" was involved in a fatal car crash. Garrison actually walked away with minor injuries, however one of his passengers ended up losing his life.

The story goes something like this, Garrison was coming out of a store when these three kids (teens) recognized him and invited him to go to a party. Of course he agreed to go, not even knowing who these kids were. According to Garrison's lawyer, Garrison only had one drink at the party before leaving. Now this is where the story splits off. See some people swear that they saw Garrison take a few shots, not just one drink. Garrison's lawyer stated that he was leaving the party to meet a girl and the three teens asked to go with him. The other rumor was he was running out to go buy more. It was at this point he crashed his car, with the three teens in it, into a tree.

Here are a few questions:
Why was this 26-year old actor hanging out with a bunch of teens?
Was he drinking?
What will happen to him?

I will keep you updated as I hear about more on this story. In the meantime, drive safe and if you must drink... find a designated driver.

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