Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jen & Vince: On again, off again, on, off....

It's official, Jen and Vince have broken up and this time for real. Details are still unclear at this time, however the reps for Jen & Vince have stated it is true.

Rumor mill:

Vince Vaughn went clubbing after supposibly not wanting to fly out to see Jennifer for Thanksgiving. However, he supposibly flew to Budapest which was 3 hours only to end up clubbing where he hit it off with a college student, Mallory Lane.

How do we know this? Well it appears she sent an email with the subject line, "I shacked with Vince Vaughn" out to her friends. Any of us can understand this, I mean she claims that the two of them were hot and heavy. Today, that little email has went from her desk, her friends, Star Magazine and all over the internet. I'm pretty sure this wasn't what she had in mind, but wanted to tell her friends all about it. There has been no comment from Mallory as of right now and the school isn't giving much information on her.
The girl that may have caused it all.

To read what the email actually stated check out the article at Socialite Life, "College Backpacker Impetus to Aniston/Vaughn Breakup."

SOURCE: Star Magazine

other rumors:

Jen back together with Brad Pitt and having secret meetings with each other. Honestly, I don't believe a word of it.

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