Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tori Spelling to Write Memoirs..

It has been reported that Tori Spelling, which is currently pregnant will be writing her own memoir. Simon & Schuster will be publish this book. Man, I wish I had those connections, I'm not even going to tell ya how many rejections I've had from them. One can only wonder what Tori will write in this "Memoir." Will their be juicy tidbits on what it was growing up in the life of the rich and famous? What about the huge blow-out between her and her mom? Will there be details on different boyfriends?

According to People.com, Tori will be writing about her father's death and how she was basically left out of the will, the feuding with her mother, the boyfriend that didn't actually beat her and much more. However, it was stated that she does wish things were different between her and her mom. Maybe she'll receive this gift once the baby is born.

People report that Spelling told them,
"You have to take everything with a grain of salt. I'm not ashamed to admit that circumstances have changed, and you work with things the best you can. It's important for me to tell people about the struggles. I found that money can't buy love, and (Dean and I) can get through anything."

Will you buy this book?

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