Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Serious are Jen Aniston and Paul Sculfor?

Lets take a look at how serious this couple has become:

Jennifer Aniston is thinking of leaving America to live with boyfriend, Paul Sculfor because he's homesick. See, she's thinking about his needs not hers which tells me at least she is serious. Who knows maybe the relationship will blossom over there. I do believe there is less press, or at least they respect the privacy a bit more. Ya know they won't be taking snapshots just because she is driving.

Jennifer is planning on flying Paul Sculfor's parents out to America.

According to a longtime friend of Paul, Jen, 38, hopes to fly Jean and George Sculfor from London to Hollywood as soon as possible. And the pal tells OK she has already spoken to Jean, 62, on the phone and begged her to bring baby pictures of Paul.


Last, Jen and Paul are caught shopping for baby items together. They left the store with one teddy bear. Granted maybe he has family that recently had a newborn or even is about to give birth, or maybe it is for one of Jen's many friends with babies.

“They were acting like a married couple while shopping for various baby-related items like cribs and changing tables. She also was asking the sales staff about delivery options.”


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