Friday, July 13, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe says Actresses are Insane

Daniel Radcliffe thinks actresses are insane. Hmmm, speaking from experience or has he watched to many movies. When Details Magazine asked what he thought of dating an actress he replied,
"I think it would be very hard to go out with an actress, because they're mad. Some actresses are just insane. I've never worked with a nasty actress – they're all absolutely delightful. But completely barking."

But if he is like any other celeb the minute he becomes a gentleman and opens a door for a lady I'm sure they'll be saying he's dating her. He also told Details Magazine,
"All it takes is for me to be seen chatting up a girl for [tabloids] to, you know, make up some crappy headline about me being a sex rat or whatever they call it."

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