Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stars are Saying "No" to the Media

First it was Angelina Jolie that told the press they had to get permission from her before asking questions for an interview. She also made a statement that her kids weren't billboards after several companies kept sending her kids' clothes in the hopes of her having her kids wear them.

Victoria Beckham was next in line and has just recently stated she will no longer be doing interviews without signed contracts.

Last, but I'm sure certainly not least, Madonna. That's right, she's decided to join in on this contract interviews now. This isn't the only thing she's demanding though, according to London Mirror, "Eye contact must be maintained at all times," it didn't stop there either, "Interviewers were also given a list of questions they were not allowed to ask: no inquiries about the state of her marriage to director Guy Ritchie, about their adoption of a Malawian child, or about her religion, Kabbalah."

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