Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jennifer Aniston has Met Shiloh

Jennifer Aniston is emotional over meeting, Brad Pitt's 14-month old little girl, Shiloh. Angelina Jolie is furious over this meeting and Brad I think is a bit torn.

We all knew he was planning a "secret" meeting through Jen, his mom and I believe her brother and it has finally happened. Don't think Ang is excited about this though, it seems she has found out and lets just say the house has never been so loud.

Star magazine is stating: "Angelina went totally ballistic. She was shouting so hard at Brad that the veins were bulging in her neck. She told him in no uncertain terms that they were finished if he took Shiloh anywhere near Jennifer again."

Now I have no clue is this is one of those spoofs or real, but either way I wonder if it did indeed happen. Does this mean those wedding vows won't be happening?

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