Thursday, April 26, 2007

Birkhead Wins!!!

Oh the court drama is finally coming to an end, at least this part of it. Larry Birkhead has been in court fighting to bring his daughter, Dannielynn, back to the states. Vergie has made this a very difficult battle for the poor guy that only recently found out for sure that he IS her daddy. Well, it has all come to an end, as the judge announced that he could take her home. The moment he stepped out of the courthouse he told everyone it had been a good day for him. As for Vergie Smith, she didn't say one word to reporters as she got in her taxi to leave. Hmmm, could she be upset that the verdict didn't go in her favor?

There will be another hearing come June 8th, in the meantime Larry is preparing her to go homeand getting that passport ready.

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