Monday, April 23, 2007

Grier's Tweety Party

With no news on how they actually celebrated Grier's 1st birthday, we have heard that there will be a Tweety Bird themed birthday party today. While Grier's daddy, Chris Henchy didn't have any plans for a party, Brooke Shields did. In fact, she decided it HAD to be Tweety because Grier reminds her of the bird.

USA Today had asked Chris what the theme would be, he replied nothing he thought she was just a little too young. However, Brooke replied:

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I went for a Tweety Bird theme, because Grier's head looks like Tweety Bird. She's sort of all eyes.

Source: USA Today

The party seemed to be a huge success but so far I've only seen two pictures of little kids that showed up. One was of course Suri Cruise and over at TomKat Crazy they've got some pictures of little Suri all dressed up and bringing a gift to the party.

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