Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jen & Vince in the Sack

Looks like these two are getting cozy again. But at least they are doing it the right way, no strings attached! I guess as long as there is an understanding of that then nothing can go wrong, but it sure does look like they are happy again.

Star Magazine's Source says-
"Vince didn't leave until 5 p.m. the next day," an eyewitness tells Us. But did they hook up?

If they did, "there is nothing wrong with it," says an Aniston pal. "She can trust him."

A Vaughn source agrees: "It's no big deal if he stayed over. They are friends and can be friends with benefits." (Reps for both Aniston and Vaughn had no comment.)

Is this all it really is, or is there more? Star Magazine reports that they've been secretly seeing each other for months. Could be why we kept seeing them pop up in the same locations. Hmmmm? What's your take? Are they in it for the bedroom scene or are these two still in love and just don't want the papers to get wind of it?

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