Thursday, April 19, 2007

Identity theft in Your Home

Have you ever been the victim of identity theft? Believe it or not this is actually more common than you may think. People all around the world are becoming victims, with technology advancing more and more every day it has only become that much easier. Don't think celebrities haven't fallen victim for this either. They have.

Every time you place your information on the internet there is some clever person out there waiting to snatch it up and use it. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, they'll take whatever they can get and they won't feel bad doing it. Once you've become a victim it is that much harder to get your identity back. Be watchful on who is watching you.

Symark has found a way to protect you and make you feel comfortable. This wasn't something they did over night either, it took months for them to come up with a plan that would make everyone at ease, even themselves. So with the help of Identity Management they are able to protect their own business as well as yours. Don't be a victim, stop the thieves today.

If you are interested in knowing more about this, Contact:
Ellen Libenson Dan Borgasano/Kara Yi
Symark Software Schwartz Communications, Inc.
(800) 234-9072 (415) 512-0770

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