Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring is here!

We've seen the celebrities out more, the one thing I never notice is them in their gardens. They've got these beautiful landscape designs but never spend any time on them, at least none that the photogs catch. Wouldn't it be nice to actually catching someone like Katie Holes, Jennifer Lopez or Arnold actually in their yard pruning the roses? Or maybe Tom Cruise outside putting in the water sprinklers? Well, I guess that's why they hire people to do their own landscape designs, which I'm sure they get a say in that.

They probably have someone like SLDA come and do it. They currently have a "Three Stepping Stone Process," which is the planning, designing and implementing. You must first take a survey so they can help you figure out what it is you would like best. With the help of the survey they'll know whether you like straight lines, curves or are really out there. Not only will it end up looking nice, it'll be something you love and as an extra bonus, since you've upgraded your property if you ever leave it'll go up in value. Now you are making the money you put into designing your yard.

Will you be gardening this year? If so have you already planned your landscape design? Stop tossing in flowers everywhere and actually plan it.

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