Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Will Imus Actually change Music?

Imus has started changing a lot of things in the entertainment business and he isn't even trying. All it took was for him to get fired before everyone would start looking at why he got fired.

Many are now blaming Imus for an investigation into rap lyrics. Yes, they are now looking at it and wondering if certain words should be used in songs, especially since Imus was fired because of him using them. Russell Simmons, has even went as far as to say that certain words should be such as: "Bitch, Ho and the N'word." He states that they are all extreme curse words. I must agree, after all how would you feel hearing a 5 or 11 year old saying these things?

However, since the removal of Imus many radio hosts have been very careful with their tongue. No one wants to slip up or they'll be shipping out!

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