Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cell Phone Tapping Bad for Business

I wondered about this myself, but how do you feel about cell phone tapping? But after this past week I kind of understand why one might want to tap their cell phones, ie Alec Baldwin. But not everyone wants their cell phone tapped, imagine having a private conversation with your loved one and finding out later that your boss was listening in on everything you said because they thought you might be leaking information about the company. Yikes right?

But maybe you are being stalked or harrassed over the phone. Has this ever happened to you? It has me, I remember my caller constantly just breathing but then one day he got braver and would say things to me. He knew where I lived, knew who I was but I didn't know anything about him. Pretty scary, I know. That's when cell phone tapping comes in handy and places like Sigillu can really save your life.

Sigillu is a company that has all types of devices that'll help you catch someone that is tapping your phones. They've got several differnt styles of phones to make you feel more protected and each one has end-to-end strong encryption so that no one else can listen in. Now you won't have to worry about someone hearing your personal things and knowing all about you, you can go back to having that private life you once had. These phones would also be perfect if you own your own business, especially if it is an international one. Make sure no one is taking your ideas.

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