Thursday, April 19, 2007

Suri's 1st Birthday: How was it Celebrated?

Many Suri fans wondered how the little tyke would be spending her 1st birthday, it seems that only yesterday she was displayed on the cover of Vanity and just last week that everyone was taking snapshots of Katie being pregnant. But it seems that yes she did get to have a birthday with her mom, even though Katie was in Louisana for the shooting of "Mad Money." Tom and Suri flew to Louisana to be with Katie on Suri's special day. It hasn't been reported yet exactly what they did, course she is only one year old but with all that money one never knows.

These bloggers celebrated Suri's Birthday:

Over at TomKatCrazy she even made a video with all of Suri's first year pictures, too bad I can't view it. But she's made a post on Suri's birthday in Shreveport.

Celeb Amour reminds everyone of the birth of Suri and her weight. Such a cute little thing.

Jossip has a birthday card for Suri's 1st birthday.

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