Saturday, April 21, 2007

Katie going back to Catholicism

While everything has been quiet in TomKat world, it seems Katie Holmes has been testing her boundries and is ready to head back to her old religion. That's right, it has been reported that Katie is looking for a "Kiddie Catholic" class for Baby Suri. I'm sure Tom is hot under the collar with this one. Will it happen?

Know that Katie is starting to go back to work, she seems to be going back to her old life. She's been calling old friends, shopping some more, going back to her Catholic roots and going back into the movie business. How does Tom Cruise feel about this? It seems they have been seeing a couselor through Scientology because he didn't realize she would be doing all this. Hmmm, well this was her life before she got with Tom. Should it end now? I know I can't wait to start seeing her in movies again.

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