Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Katie Must Learn to be a Scientology Mom

photo credit: HollyScoop

I guess Tom Cruise didn't like Katie's parenting skills, or lack of "Scientology" skills when raising little Suri. He's actually told her she needs to take some "Mommy" classes at their Scientology Church. OUCH!

First off Tom, no woman, especially one that's been raising your child for an entire year likes to hear she needs to learn to be a mom. It doesn't matter if she is good at it or not. From what I've seen she's very nurturing and that is REALLY what matters.

Second, I think the ONLY reason Tom is suggesting this (man, I hope it is ONLY a suggestion) is because she wants Suri to take Catholicism classes. I think he got wind of this and got irate. Hopefully, Katie will continue on doing what she's been doing and ignore Tom's demand.

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